Cushions design in the shape of pebbles

In recent years the cushions are really a trend decre very very answered. But of course if you want to decorate your home following this trend, it will be necessary to choose design cushions to put on beds, sofas and even on the floor.

With design cousins ​​you’re not just going to modernize and refresh your decorations, but you’ll also add a touch of comfort.

What we propose you to see today are these designer cushions imitating the natural environment created by the designer Stephanie Marin . She lives and works in France and her philosophy is to stay closer to the development of around the planet. It is thanks to this philosophy that she creates these huge cushions and of high quality. They have the shape of pebbles found on the sea coast. These cushions are really unusual and above all they are super comfortable and keep warm!

Cushions design in the shape of pebbles

 modern design cushions

These designer and comfortable cushions can serve you well for the children’s room

 crearist design cushions

The callous shaped cushions come in different sizes to better meet your needs

 comfortable design cushions

Here’s how can take a nap on a cushion in the shape of a pebble

 cushions nature design

These cushions and poufs come in different colors that you can choose according to your interior decoration

 poufs design colores original

The decency becomes a breeze with these beautiful cushions

 large design cushions

Plan your children’s room with these cushions – it will certainly please them

 modern interior decor cushions

The “pebbles” follow very well with the fireplace in this contemporary living room

 cushions and pouffs design decoration

Cushions and poufs in wool and gray and black


 interesting wool cushions

 They look really comfortable these cushions original

 original design cushions

 cushions pouffs design deco

 cushions design pouffs original

 pouffs design colores

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