Cradle of extraordinary design for adults by Richard Clarkson

The designer Richard Clarkson in collaboration with Grace Emmanual, Brodie Campbell, Jeremy Broker, Eamon Moore, Kahlivia Russell and Joya Boerrigter designed an original cradle of design for adults . The function of “Cradle” is to create a safe and comfortable environment of relaxation where the person can rest effectively. The manufacturing was preceded by numerous surveys on autism, as well as on children suffering from a rhythm of sleep. The design of the cradle meets all the criteria of functionality and aesthetics at the same time.

 cradle of extraordinary wood design

Cradle of Curious Design by Richard Clarkson

 Spherical Cradle Light Wood

Richard Clarkson is a creator of New York origins and new -zélandaise. He has a degree in Industrial Design from Victoria University in Wellington. Coming from a family of farmers and metalworkers he designs innovative designs while combining traditional materials with new technologies. His creations are quite varied: furniture, accessories (headphones, panels for IPhone), decorative objects, etc.

The cradle for adults is designed to provide comfort

 comfort cradle design light color

Each of Chairs “Cradle” is made in New Zealand of local materials. They are intended for indoor use only. The furniture is delivered dismantled.

The cradle is made of light and practical materials

 cradle of original design comfort rest

The cradle is covered with a cushion in beige

 design crib beige cushion

The cradle for adults is a strange and pretty shape

 cradle of curious design richard clarkson

This unusual furniture invites rest and relaxation

 ] original design cradle shape sphere

The cradle is light and functional and suitable for any type of interior

 original design cradle wood fabric

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