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Cozy, comfortable and spacious living room decor

No matter the size of your home, the living room is a meeting place. This is the place where you rest, where you organize parties with friends or family meals. That’s why we consider that the comfortable and comfortable living room deco deserves special attention when planning our apartment or house. The selection below highlights several styles of living room deco.

 wood-beamed living room deco

Imagine the living room deco friendly

 living room deco friendly glass wall

Furnishing minimalist style and neutral colors or a more vivid decor and colorful … we have selected different examples of salons more or less spacious. You will find chic, bohemian, cozy, elegant, rustic, funky styles … The furniture is often simple and uncluttered. As for materials, our favorite for the cozy living room is without doubt the wood.

Spacious living room with designer furniture

 deco living room with exposed beams

For those who believe that the open spaces are not ready not to usability, we have good news. Any room can be transformed into a comfortable and warm corner. To do this, we must first know what interior design we want to obtain and then make the appropriate choices in terms of materials, colors, accessories, etc.

Loft with deco lounge friendly

 friendly lounge loft wood staircase

Living room with angular design furniture

 modern living room furniture angular design

Living room lighted simple decor

 home decoration refined contemporary living room

Living Room contemporary style cozy

 open living room on modern garden

spacious and elegant living room in gray and beige

 classic living room deco furnishing neutral colors

clean design decor

 black white gray design living room deco

bohemian style living room

 modern bohemian sofa living room deco

 large modern living room furniture glass door

 hanging lights decorating design by salo n friendly

 friendly living room furniture original design

 modern living room loft apartment black white

 cozy living room simple deco beige brown white

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