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Comfortable interior decoration – 10 tips anti cold

Winter is already here and it’s time to make your interior decoration comfortable and warm for this season.

1. Matters that keep you warm

Winter is the time to whisper to you with materials that keep you warm. Find a way to incorporate materials and textures such as wool, sheep fur or even velvet into your home decor.

2. Isolate against the cold

This is something you must never forget. Check windows and doors and put curtains or blinds that hold the heat inside. It will also reduce your electricity bills.

 warm interior deco

Comfortable interior design – sofa with fur covers

 tips anti cold canape

3. Plush Cushions on the Floor

Wooden floors and tiles are not very insulating during the winter. Put some plush cushions that follow your decor on the floor.

4. Luxury bedding

The duvet rises and the sheets must be made of comfortable materials but it will not be necessary to forget also the rest of your bedroom. Add some light or put a comfortable chair in one of the corners.

Interior decoration with wood

 anti cold bedroom tricks

5. A wooded interior

The wood carries in itself the feeling of warmth and comfort and by adding wood accessories to your home, you will create a warm atmosphere. Cabinets, a table or a desk in wood – everything is good for fighting the cold.

6. The magic fireplace

It is a must against cold. The light and warmth that this modern or classic style place to suit your choice will make your interior special.

7. Natural greenery

Put a vase with greenery This will refresh your decor and will accentuate the feeling of warmth and even time.

Warm and bright living room deco

 sofa living room decoration interiuer

8. Be careful with the white

You have to think carefully before making a white interior decoration during the winter because it can give the impression of a sterile and cold room. Add touches of warm colors such as red or orange

9. Walls in warm colors

If you give a touch of paintings to the walls and put them in warm colors it will immediately change atmosphere at home. For winter choose walleye, orange or red

10. Romantic candles

Candlelight will help you create a warm atmosphere but do not forget to take safety precautions.

The cushions and the wood are the must of the winter

 tips deco home anti cold

Furnishing of modern living room

 sofa design deco interiuer

Bedroom design white and red

 bedroom interior decoration

Beautiful sofa in red in a modern bedroom

 bedroom design deco

Beautiful warm room

 bedroom design interirur

Large wooden dining table in a modern room

 interior dining room

Modern living room with fireplace

 interior fireplace

A comfortable interior decoration for the home winter

 comfortable interior decoration- living room

Minimalist Home Decor

 Modern Comfortable Interior Decor

Modern Bedroom in Red and Black

 ] Comfortable interior design - bedroom

Beautiful stone fireplace in a comfortable interior

 Comfortable interior decoration - fireplace

Bedroom in white with dark accents

 Interior decoration comfortable white

Candles warm the atmosphere at home

 Comfortable interior decoration - candles

 Comfortable interior decoration - white fireplace

 cozy interior decoration bedroom

 interior decoration comfortable fireplace

 comfortable interior decoration design

 romantic design fireplace design

 interior design comfortable decoration

 interior modern deco carpet

 red wooden bedroom

 comfortable wooden bed cushions

 design bed re wood

 furniture leather tips anti cold

 candles deco tips interior

 salon white deco

 salon interior decoration coissins

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