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Coffee table pallet in 55 inspiring ideas

Being the creator of these own furniture – it’s modern. Having become very trendy lately, wooden pallets are a must for those who love DIY.

The reuse of old materials, giving them a second life, is an act respectful of the environment. Nothing is to be thrown away.

Today we present you a folder of 55 pictures of coffee table pallet . Easy to tinker, with or without wheels, painted or natural, the wood pallet is ideal for making a chic, elegant and very original coffee table. Discover our selection of ideas and make your own!

Coffee table pallet in 55 inspiring ideas

 coffee table pallet living room furniture wood diy idea landscaping living room deco wall

Coffee table pallet with storage space

 coffee table pallet ideal storage salon decal shelving wood floor mats corner sofa gray

Are you an experienced handyman or are you rather startling? If you’re just getting into the world of DIY, wood pallets are the perfect solution for you. They are easy to handle and do not require much investment in terms of time and money. Â The wooden pallet furniture is also very practical. The same shape of the pallets makes it possible to manufacture a table, a chair, a sofa, a bench, shelves and other pieces of furniture. The coffee table can also serve as a sofa or bench. Just put some cushions on top.

Coffee table pallet with storage space and center decorated  coffee table pallet diy living room furniture cheap idea

What is the philosophy of contemporary design? What is the secret of the success of Scandinavian design? The key is respect for the environment. The reuse of wooden pallets is then an ecological act. Retrieving, tinkering, creating. Destined for the transport of goods and storage, pallets are today out of their original use. They are inviting in different styles of interior to settle as much as table, chair, sofa, bench and others. Insignificant at first sight, by giving them a second life, pallets can be transformed into designer furniture. In addition, they are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The shape of the wooden pallets makes them easy to handle and get fast results without much effort. It’s easy to integrate into the decoration.

Coffee table with pallet red feet

 coffee table palette bouquet of flowers ideal wood furniture diy

If you fancy a coffee table design in your living room or in your garden, a wooden pallet is enough to make one! For a coffee table with storage space – for your magazines and books – it’s better to have two pallets. Their manipulation is simple. You can leave them nature or paint them. Then it is possible to add casters or feet. For a look a little more elegant, just cover with a glass panel or fabric. If you want to give height to your table, there are two possibilities: using more than one palette or setting your feet, as in the example above.

Table in white painted wooden pallet with drawers and wheels

 low table pallet diy ideal living room furniture

Large wooden pallet table with metal legs

 low wooden pallet table idà © e diy living room furniture

Table in wooden pallet decorated with stickers

 coffee table wood pallet diy brico idée living room furniture cheap

Side table

Wooden pallet table with storage space for books and magazines

 wooden pallet low table living room layout ideal corner sofa

Table with red feet

 Coffee table palette DIY living room layout cheap furniture

Wooden coffee table with wheels

 coffee table wood pallet ideal decorated living room flowers bouquet white sofa

Natural wood pallet table

Idea diy Scrap Hacker

 table wood diy pallet idea candle deco salon

 coffee table wood roulette carpet floor diy cheap DIY

 diy wood table diy diy idea flower bouquet corner sofa

 diy wood table living room diy wood pallet furniture idea

 diy idi e furniture wood living room corner sofa cushions

 original low wood table idea DIY corner sofa gray

 small living room coffee table ideal DIY modern decorations flowers

 table low wood living room DIY idea sofa corner leather black

 wooden table pallet DIY idiom floor mats white deco flowers

 coffee table pallet wood living room layout idiom sofa cushions

 table wooden pallet idioframe castors deco living room sofa pouf [19659042] coffee table living room idea DIY layout living room furniture cheap diy

 table roulette wood idea brico plant chair cushions

 coffee table palette living room idea decorated flowers floor mat

 table low black DIY diy furniture palette ideal

 wooden pallet diy furniture ideal coffee table living room

 table living room diy wooden pallet idea

 table living room low palette drawers idea [19659049] wood table living room roulette idea interior design idea

 wood living room low table idea deco living room sofa cushions
 wood table living room idea sofa living room furniture DIY [19659052] painted table in pink idées deco flowers bouquet design canapé vert

 ta wheat DIY living room design plant deco

 table wood pallet diy deco center garden furniture diy cheap

 table wood diy original design idea furniture modern

 table wood living room diy not expensive wooden pallet idea

 small wooden living room table brico diy idea cheap landscaping gray sofa

 wooden pallet diy table ideal wood deco center living room sofas cushions

 wooden table living room diy idea furniture cheap deco flowers

 brico table living room pallet wood idea center table decorations flowers sofa brown cushions

 coffee table wood storage idea living room sofa armchair red cushions

 table pallet brico deco center idées flowers

 table garden pallet wood idé couch armchair cushions

 table pallet brico idé diy furniture salon jardin pas cher

 table bois living room roulette idée amenagement couch

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