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Classic style interior for a castle life

Do you like castle life? Why not inspire yourself for your home. The luxury and opulence of ‘classic interior style reminiscent of Versailles inspire the contemporary designator Uglyanitsa Alexander. His creations surprise with all the wealth of textiles and finishes of a classic style design in the old.

The impressive furniture seems to have just escaped from a royal suite. The sumptuousness and luxury of this design are not for everyone. An admirer of minimalism will probably take the feet in the curtains and get lost in this pattern of textures and colors. But those who love refinement, luxury and noble materials will certainly love this atmosphere. In the photos below we see all the features of the old-fashioned classic style.

 Interior classic style old parquet

Royal opulence for an old-fashioned classic style interior

 Antique classical interior decor

The marble and marble floor coverings stone reflect the light and shine with colors. The ceilings are also richly decorated, with real artwork and rosettes in the center. The silver pillars accentuate the effects of brilliance and reinforce the feeling of luxury dominating. The volumes are impressive and the proportions are cathedral. The murals are religious, the bronze wall and the golden finishes on the ceiling express the taste for a noble interior architecture.

The furniture is specially selected and designed by a craftsman who worked on every detail. The decoration is likewise the result of high class craftsmanship, such as the huge, richly ornamented candlestick. In this classic style interior each centimeter is beautifully decorated, each piece of furniture or element of the decor presents a rich and complex pattern. From the windows in the living room to the fireplace, from the wall coverings to the storage spaces in the bedroom, every detail shows the opulence of the place.

A living room with luxury design

 Design luxury classic living room

Beams and golden wallpaper

 Classic interior design golden walls

Wallpaper with golden floral pattern

 Classic interior design walls golden wallpaper

Textiles and furniture for those who have the taste of luxury

 Classic interior design wallpaper furniture luxury

Interior classic style with mural

 Interior classic style vintage living room

Silver columns and ceiling with moldings

 Classic style design silver beams

A living room with moldings, handcrafted furniture and marble floor

 Interior style classic blue patterns

Every inch is richly decorated

 Interior classic style kitchen

An entrance as in a royal suite

 Classic design entrance

Bedroom classic and neutral style

 Bedroom in bedtime classic style

Classic design kitchen with craft chair

 Classic design kitchen craft chair

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