Chic chic ideas of the teen room by Clever

It seems that the Italian furniture manufacturer Clever knows how to design a chic déco and comfortable for the teen room. By playing and combining neutral and soft colors with bright tones, the company’s designers have created unique look designs.

Yellow, red, bright green, blue, black, gray and ivory … there is everything! Clever rooms are often equipped with several storage solutions for more functionality. You will find large wardrobes, discreet shelving and practical wall units. Most of the examples here are appropriate for girls as well as for boys. If you are fond of more ideas, do not hesitate to visit the official website of Clever.

Chic chic ideas of the teen room by Clever

 deco chic teen room red beige

Adicionarous chic teen room by Clever

 chic room black yellow white ado

Spacious room of deco in green and white

 deco chic room teenager

Room teenager chic in blue of yellow and gray

 deco chic room teenager orange blue white

Ocher decoration in contemporary teen room

 chic decor teen room white yellow storage

Functional teen room equipped with several storage solutions

Wooden furniture in blue teen room

 deco blue chic child room

Simple room design re in orange and cream

 arrangement teenager room decorated orange cream

Room teenager in bright green and white

Decor in orange and beige in teen room

 teen room cupboard orange deco turquoise

Chic chic beige bedroom

 Chic chic simple ivory teen bedroom

 Stylish chic orange teen room furniture

 Stylish green stylish white wardrobe rug [19659027] spacious room blue white teen chic

 large room teen purple chic chic

 furniture wood storage deg room teen

 furniture pink white room decorated ado

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