Central kitchen island in 30 original ideas

L ‘central island is today the heart of the modern kitchen, as it emphasizes its function of additional room with its storage space, the work plan and the cooking space. But more than anything, the kitchen with a central island becomes a convivial place where the family meets to share moments together.

 Kitchen with modern central island

Contemporary cuisine emphasizes conviviality

 Rustic kitchen wood island

Parents and friends love to spend time there, not only to eat but also to read the newspaper while having a coffee. Contemporary design offers a multiplicity of styles for these sophisticated and multifunctional kitchens. They may be of countryside or retro design, modern or minimalist, they always have a central lot.

The kitchen with central island is multifunctional

 Central island kitchen wood sink

This kitchen offers no gathering space. Here the island plays the role of work table and cooking corner. The many cupboards in the lower part offer additional space for storing pots, household items, and objects that we do not know what to do.

central island with worktop and cooking space

 Central kitchen island integrated sink

This designer kitchen offers lots of storage space

 Central island kitchen sink integrated white

Modern kitchen design and white

 Central island kitchen integrated sink storage

In the model below, the user-friendly aspect is at the heart of the design. In this predominantly wood-burning kitchen, the center island contains bookshelves that invite you to spend time. This detail gives all the personality to this otherwise modern and elegant kitchen.

The kitchen is welcoming with its shelves filled with books


We Feel as well as in the living room

 contemporary kitchen central island

Brown wood flooring contrasts with the modern white island design

 Kitchen central island with stove

This kitchen is really beautiful with this great painting bore exposed to the wall. The curved line design gives a sculptural appearance. The work surface, the cooking space and the user-friendly space are both aesthetically pleasing and very practical.

A modern and artistic kitchen

 Modern kitchen in a smooth style

These two old-fashioned bourgeois kitchens have a gourmet style. The central island is entirely made of wood. One of the benefits of a wide and solid worktop, the other has a built-in sink in the middle of the workspace.

Rustic and Bourgeois Cooking, Wood Design

 Bourgeois Rustic Cooking

This Kitchen modern design proposes an extension of the central island, for an additional space of conviviality. The combination of wood and steel covers, contemporary and trendy furniture.

Kitchen with modern furniture and extension of the central island

 Modern kitchen island with extension

Contemporary kitchen with storage spaces yellow storage

 Yellow design kitchen

Very design kitchen with center island and dining area

 Modern design kitchen gray

Very original kitchen shaped boat

 Design kitchen yacht

Scandinavian style wooden kitchen

 central island kitchen Scandinavian style wood design hanging lamp minimalist style

Italian style kitchen with central island

 kitchen with central Italian island stone steel house

Modern kitchen with hanging lamps design

 kitchen ikea central island original idea hanging lamp and design white chair

Kitchen with central island in white and beige

 central island idea cheap kitchen ikea fridge stainless steel white

Modern kitchen in minimalist style

 central island kitchen lamp hanging modern design comfort large kitchen Scandinavian style ikea

Kitchen with central island and dining area

 kitchen minimalist style design plant chair white chair central island functional arrangement

 central island wood idea kitchen large stainless steel stool black leather

 island central wood kitchen cheap ikea closet hanging lamp design stainless steel fridge

 kitchen minimalist style gray white central island ikea modern design

 modern kitchen hanging lamp central island ikea cheap kitchen deco

 kitchen storage space furniture

 Central island kitchen with cabinets

 Central island country kitchen

 Kitchen i central purple lot

 Island kitchen and American bar

 Kitchen central island oval shape

 Modern kitchen island cooking corner

 Central island kitchen curved lines

 Central island kitchen curved lines white

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