Build a partition wall-self for cheap

Build a partition wall-self for cheap

You cannot find the partition wall that’you need to split a room ? Don’t panic, l’trick, c’is the make your own using these DIY deco movable partitions of wood or altuglas.

L’advantage of manufacturing a partition wall, a removable self-same c’is, above all, to be able to climb a wall to the dimensions needed to separate l’space of the room but also to be able to give him a look of deco which fits perfectly to the’atmosphere, colour and style and decor of the room. Another advantage, not negligible also, c’is the price difference !

1 – build a partition wall with an opening

Build a partition wall-self for cheap

Separate the living room from the dining room with a removable divider made of original house with its cut-out window in the wood.

To perform this partitioning in 4 steps, you will need 4 cleats, two plates of plywood and d’a covering garment.

With the strips of wood 5×5 cm cut to 1.80 m long, begin by mounting a chassis with a rectangular or square depending on the desired width of the bulkhead. Then determine the height of the’opening of the partition and form its support to the’using battens fixed part and d’another of the chassis.
In two plates of plywood, see the ratings of l’opening of the bulkhead and then cut it out with the jig saw. In order for this partition to become removable mounting the chassis on the bearing by fitting the two amounts on the strips outside of the chassis and secure to l’aid of clamps (those used in plumbing).
With wood glue fast-setting, glue the plates contreplaquer to finish off the bulkhead.
Finally, end the partition wall by painting it the colors of the room or in this example in a color contrast to make it even more decor in the room.

2 – A removable divider dual-use

Build a partition wall-self for cheap

A removable divider constructed from d’hardboard perforated, tip-deco-2-in-1.

This partitioning is made on the same principle of frame of wood that the previous one but is even simpler to achieve since the framework is up from four strips of wood. The frame assembled, attach castors on its base, and then finish the wall of the’dress d’hardboard perforated that will put in color with a little paint. And this is a bulkhead that can be placed in the’entry to also serve as a coat rack, or in a room shared by two kids, who can then l’use in small dressing room. Another idea that d’use of this bulkhead removable full d’tips storage : to separate the office area from the bed in a room d’ado.

3 – A partition wall on the slide rail

Build a partition wall-self for cheap

A removable divider with a curtain of veil slide separates l’bed space in the room.

A wall of interesting to make in a room when l’one wishes to enjoy the view and the light of the whole piece and be able to close by the curtain for s’isolate. To do this, start by setting a plate d’altuglas on two rails laid down floor/ ceiling, and then tighten a wire rope to suspend the curtain veil sliding.

Build a partition wall-self for cheap

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