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Bridal Bouquet in Succulents: 25 Ideas for Unique Floral Wedding Deco

Have you noticed it? A few years ago, succulents and succulents began to appear everywhere around us.

Since then, they have been part of the table decorations for a variety of holidays, garden and terrace planning solutions, ideas for decorating with indoor plants … So, this great family of plants has also penetrated into the world of decency of marriage.

Currently, succulents are not only part of floral arrangements for room and wedding table. They are even found in bridal bouquets!

Bridal Bouquet in Succulents: 25 Ideas for Unique Floral Wedding Deco


The bridal bouquet in succulents – instructions for use

Before becoming celebrities, succulents were a few little neglected. For this reason, it would probably be useful to learn a little more about this type of plants. The practical information we have collected will help you decide if succulents are an option to consider for your bridal bouquet!

What is a succulent plant and why use it in her bridal bouquet?

 bridal bouquet flowers-succulent-plants-red-color

Botanically speaking, succulents are defined as fleshy species. Their name comes from the Latin word sucus meaning “suc” or “juice”. It is the substance that is contained in the foliage or in the other parts of the plant and that results from their adaptation to particularly arid climates.


 deco-floral-wedding-boquet-for-mariee-succulent plants

 In addition , this kind of plants has developed clever ways to protect the collected water. Thus, some succulents have a layer of protection on their leaves (like wax or hair, for example).


Due to these characteristics Succulents are a family that is very resistant to heat and lack of moisture. This explains their popularity in terms of decor but also wedding bouquets. Opting for a bridal bouquet of succulents is to make sure that the flowers that will be worn on D-Day will be full of freshness throughout the holiday.

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In addition, succulents have very nice shades of green, blue and warm tones, like orange. Some are flowering plants, others are characterized by the interesting shape of their foliage. All this can only give you ideas to create a wedding bouquet as chic as original!


Aprè Having talked about the essential characteristics of succulents, let’s take a look at how to use them to create a unique bridal bouquet. For that, you have two options. The first is a wedding bouquet in luscious ones alone; the second is to imagine a composition with flowers and succulents. We consider the two approaches below.

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Bridal bouquet made of succulents alone

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The bridal bouquets composed only of succulent plants offer you the opportunity to create a truly unique bouquet. The succulents are a family that includes several sub-genera, themselves composed of dozens of varieties.

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you know that there are over 7,500 types of succulents around the world? This is the total number of plants distributed in the Americas, Asia and Africa. Even if all these plants are not widely available in Europe, the varieties that we find are largely enough to create a truly unique bridal bouquet.

 Bridal Bouquet succulent plant-deco-wedding-idea

For this you can have fun using succulents of various nuances, or even combine plants with an interesting foliage shape and thriving plants. A good part of the succulents are in fact plants of fairly compact size. Good news for those who have a penchant for small wedding bouquets!


And then, succulents are very simple to cultivate and to maintain. So, you can consider growing several at home. This stock will then serve you to fuel your imagination. Who knows, maybe even you decide to make your own homemade wedding bouquet!


Bouquet of bridal plants succulent blended with flowers

 bridal bouquet composition-floral-succulent plants-wedding

Do you like succulents but you also love the classic flowering plants? So try to imagine a bridal bouquet that combines these two elements! The idea is not so exotic since, as you can see in our images, there are plenty of wedding bouquet models that combine the two.

 succulent-bouquet-wedding-green- pale-idee

Combining succulent plants and classic flowers for wedding bouquet means betting on a rich floral composition in color. So, for example, you can use succulents for their rich shades of green. At this base, add touches of bright colors using your favorite flowers!


As for all other bouquet wedding, you can select the shades according to the theme of your holiday or the season. Think about balancing warm tones and those that belong to the rather cold range. The white keys are always a good idea, especially since they harmonize perfectly with the most classic bridal outfit.

 succulent plants-wedding-boquet-mariee

Types of flowers and shades, roses, are of course one of the most popular ideas. Succulents blend well with roses of all shades, including blue. That being, the white and orange roses are decidedly the most fashionable in this type of floral arrangements.


Depending on the season, consider also other creative solutions, like, for example, peonies or field flowers.

 small-bouquet-wedding-bridesmaids-succulent plants

Finally, know that The succulents are also a very nice option for bridesmaid bouquet and wedding table decor. They will be even more if these plants are already in your married bouquet!


You are tempted by the idea of ​​se to select this type of flowers for your wedding bouquet? So here are some models and additional ideas for its composition!



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