A black kitchen ? Elegance and refinement assured

A black kitchen ? Elegance and refinement assured

Dare to the black kitchen. These are years that you take a look at your kitchen and find that’it is low and grey. It may be time to modernize a little ? If you had thought about the black, but n’dare not, here are a few ideas of implementation to reassure you.

Make a alliance-black and wood kitchen stylish retro

A black kitchen ? Elegance and refinement assured

Alliance of the black and wood for a kitchen in style.

If you are looking for a kitchen to l’mind totally rustic, so banish the elements in formicat, melamine and other modern materials. Opt for the wood with a black cover. You will love its authenticity, its finishing and elegance.

you can then cultivate your decor and your interior to give it the retro look. To do this, you can find elements of industrial style. Lighting fixtures, brass fixtures, pots and pans in copper, play the deco background.

A black kitchen ? Elegance and refinement assured

Enhance your deco d’a country kitchen with www.westwing.fr

Then to show the black elements, it is also appropriate to make the kitchen wall behind siding or brick to find only a credence table in copper and then with a brick ochre.

kitchen ultra modern in melamine high-gloss black

The facades ultra bright your kitchen will make all its panache and elegance. In some way, she throws this black kitchen !

With this style of look, he s’is a play on the modernity background. Because of this, it is necessary to focus on the side-chic all the way ! Thus to arrive at a result, ultra-brilliant two solutions that are very simple s’offer to you :

  • choose items with fronts in melamine high-gloss black
  • paint your elements already existing with a resin to give them that glossy appearance.

The black tiled :

You want d’have a black kitchen, but n’dare not put the black elements ? Opt in this case for the wall tile, floor or even the credenzas black. With tile black, l’effect kitchen laboratory “white” disappears. It just d’to make beautiful utensils that shall deal with this colour robot red kitchen for example.

The biggest classic tiles black :

  • stone siding in slate black fashion puzzle : very elegant if you wish to make minds campaign or rustic
  • tiles brick shiny
  • tiled floors with large tiles in slate or sandstone tiles.
  • earthenware black in the form of large tiles

A black kitchen ? Elegance and refinement assured

Faience wall black. 22.95? the m2 at Leroy Merlin,

Finally, play the geometry, with the tiled nest of the hen with various colors if you want to give dynamism to your tile.

A black kitchen ? Elegance and refinement assured

soil black

A black kitchen ? Elegance and refinement assured

A black floor in a modern kitchen. Photo alliance-tiled floor

If you opt for a black floor in your kitchen, be aware that this will inevitably bring the objects in value. Moreover, the choice of your tile will depend on the style that you wish to bring to your kitchen. If one can think that’a black floor makes a space a sad, know on the contrary that n’is absolutely not the case and that’it enlarges a small space.

    %3cli>are You looking for a vintage look ? Bet on a tile checkered black and white. Real tile or vinyl imitation tile, any will be the effect of style and especially budget.
  • You want a kitchen that’s ultra modern ? Choose a floor tile to the extreme brightness. Then you can see reflect light fixtures, colorful and multiple geometric shapes to create the sensation.
  • do You prefer a kitchen spirit campaign ? In this case you will need to opt for the seating black. Chic and rustic, it will be perfectly value with light wooden furniture.
  • You dream to give a spirit of old France and ultra-bourgeoisie to your kitchen ? Choose tiled floors, old cement-style ceramic. In this case, bet on accessories deco retro copper and brass.


What colors match with the black of the kitchen ?

The black in a kitchen n’is not an end in itself. To make it stand out, to make all its brilliance, it should be married with d’other colors ? Then, what colors to choose to give power to his kitchen ?

  • white will of course present themselves as the imperial colour. It remains the color of purity. Thus, the dark lines will be more pronounced and your kitchen will become flashy.
  • The red will bring a touch of modernity. What’s more, it cuts everything on the dark side of the black. This, in bringing a second dimension. The red will give relief

    A black kitchen ? Elegance and refinement assured

    Black and red for a kitchen in 2D. Achievement Leroy-Merlin

    The yellow with the black is the fashionable color. It is a sign of modernity and is at the top trend.

  • The beige. This color last bride in black, will l’soften and also allow you to create a style industrial.

    A black kitchen ? Elegance and refinement assured

    Beige and black alliance is a sweet style which is very industrial. Realization and photo Mobalpa.


A black kitchen ? Elegance and refinement assured

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