Beautiful industrial deco apartment by Edo Design

The architects of the Edo Design Studio architecture studio located in Bulgaria were asked to decorate a large high-ceilinged apartment. After having studied the architecture of the place and its surroundings, the designers chose the industrial deco for the apartment. But what is Industrial Deco ?

Lately this style of decoration has become very popular. It is a trend in interior design that emphasizes straight lines and abrupt dynamic connections and interactions in the interior. It is a style that derives from the same forces used in architecture.

 industrial deco interior design

Modern Industrial Deco Lounge

 Industrial Deco Living Room Apartment

Industrial style recognizes conflicting forces and functions. The forms are unified in a composition where each piece keeps its internal logic and the connections between its forms are very pronounced. This is what sets this style apart from other design styles where all pieces are subject to the idea of ​​an entire space.

The industrial style shows the pieces as a beautiful set of twitching complements for a common purpose. And that’s what the architects did in the apartment you see – the walls are left in concrete or bricks, the interior is rather cold and minimalist but all of it gives a sleek and modern design. Look at the pictures of some of Edo Design’s creations:

Industrial Home Decoration

 Industrial Deco Modern Home Photo

Interior Photo with Industrial Deco

 Industrial Deco Idea Zen Atmosphere

Industrial style apartment interior design

 Industrial design interior design apartment

Industrial kitchen decoration

 Industrial design modern kitchen

Industrial home decoration

 modern industrial deco design apartment

living room with a high ceiling and a large library

 industrial deco design apartment

large and modern living room

 deco industrial style living room living room

The walls and ceilings of this apartment are concrete and bricks

 deco industrial deco apartment

Dressing design with large leather armchair

 modern dressing room large armchair

Modern dressing room and ultra design

 industrial style dressing room

Hallway decoration with bricks and wood

 high ceiling apartment bricks

Living room with transparent glass door

 high ceiling industrial deco apartment

Industrial style hallway

 original industrial deco apartment

Minimalist deco bedroom

 industrial deco bedroom

 modern minimalist decorative bedroom

 industrial style bedroom

 industrial deco child bedroom

 child bedroom deco modern

 deco shower cabin

 bathroom industrial style

 bathroom decoration

industrial deco

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