What bathtub for bathroom zen ?

What bathtub for bathroom zen ?

are You looking for a bathtub to create a bathroom zen but not sure his style ? Bathtub, bathtub, or d’angle, each to its strengths for a zen décor. Here are our tips to choose and install a tub adapted to a zen atmosphere in the bathroom.

One does not choose n’any bathtub in a bathroom zen. If you have the chance d’have a bathroom of good size, prefer a beautiful bathtub is the queen of the deco bathroom in l’ambiance zen. By itself, it installs a minimal design without fireworks ! This model is perfect for open l’space and create a relaxing atmosphere for the eyes and the’spirit in the pure tradition of zen. The faucet is also addressed in the block, and provide for the passage of pipes, and the system’evacuation by the soil before l’implantation of the tub in the bathroom.

You must install a bathtub in a small bathroom ? Adopt-a-bath d’angle for a look that’s zen. Particularly suitable for small surfaces and bathrooms of average size, it sits like its name, l’indicates, in a corner of the room, offers a space-saving interesting and allows d’be coupled to a shower . Very generous, the bath d’angle also provides, according to its dimensions, the possibility to take a bath for two !

Well also seen to give style to a bathroom zen : the hip bath. This type of tub is a good compromise if you like to combine a quick shower and relaxing bath. Smaller than his girlfriend, the bath block, it is less greedy in consumption d’water and is therefore more economical .

More classic in its form, but also capable of create a zen atmosphere in the bathroom, the rectangular tub has the advantage d’be available in multiple dimensions and coatings. It s’adapt easily to the surrounding space, whether it is narrow or spacious. To enhance the deco d’a bathroom zen, we will use the simple shapes of the tub to the’dress-timber l’like the floor with a wooden parquet floor bathroom-teak, bamboo, or any species of exotic wood.
Finally, if your budget allows, prefer to your bathtub and bathroom in a noble, such as the melting of mineral or concrete. These authentic materials are particularly welcome in a bathroom zen.
Now that you have taken tips for your bathroom, you can choose your bathtub ! Find l’inspiration in our selection…

Bathtub in a bathroom 100% zen

What bathtub for bathroom zen ?
©Leroy Merlin
The large bathtub invades the’space of this bathroom. Here, she takes his ease around d’a zen decor, with warm accents of scandinavian. Placed on a square of tile light grey around d’teak wood flooring dark and surrounded d’a color palette of white, this bathtub plays with the softness of the light and installs a touch of serenity throughout the room. Bathtub asymmetric Stori 1.090? Leroy Merlin

Bath double in a bathroom zen

What bathtub for bathroom zen ?
©Espace Aubade
The rectangular tub is seeing double in this beautiful pattern by coating Toplax® very resistant. Well-thought-out, the dump central was deliberately off-centre so as not to disturb l’instant zen-bath-for-two. Recessed in a tile floor grey, it accentuates the zen style of the bathroom. Around d’it is placed on two neutral colors : A white paint for the main walls and a black on the wall of the openings for sifting out the outside light. The essential candles, pebbles and bamboo finish transform this tub and double space spa zen. Bathtub double-Aquarine Quadra, option spa, musik, and light from 599? Space Aubade.

bathroom female with a bathtub zen

What bathtub for bathroom zen ?
© Hudson Reed
This small bathtub asymmetric bet on the femininity in the choice of colors, pink, magenta, and white walls. It transforms the’space in a haven of peace and zen by opting around the bathtub for materials and chic decor sophisticated. Here we chose a dark wood flooring, a towel rack, stainless steel details and contemporary fixtures. All d’elements with sophisticated design to create a decoration zen and women in the bathroom. Small bathtub 949 ? Hudson Reed.

Bath d’angle, the old-school way to the bathroom zen

What bathtub for bathroom zen ?
© Bainissimo
Opt for a bathtub d’angle c’is a clever idea in a small space such as this. Chosen in a retro style, this free-standing tub, occupies little space and brings a note of authenticity to the zen décor of the bathroom. To illustrate this association, ” retro zen “, we have to choose a faucet and sink white porcelain vintage l’one dressed in the colors pearl grey, neutral and classic. The tip deco : the great frame of the mirror and the wall of stones add elegance and sophistication to this bathroom grey who knows how to be zen. Bathtub in corner, Volturno, 1.399? Bainissimo

Bathtub design for bathroom zen

What bathtub for bathroom zen ?
© Beliani
True object decoration, this bath block s’exhibits in major mode in a bathroom zen. Placed in the centre of the room, it takes place on a beautiful plateau in the pavement, black and s’around d’a beautiful harmonie colored between the natural stone wall and wooden floor grey. D’inspiration design in its contemporary lines it is composed of acrylic material reinforced anti-slip and anti-shock. The tone is resolutely zen of this bathroom is confirmed with the faucet design and the minimalist decor. Bathtub Haiti 1 750 ? Beliani

The bath s’dress of wood in a bathroom zen

What bathtub for bathroom zen ?
© Castorama
Associate comfort of the shower and the pleasure of the bath, a good idea taken here with the bathtub of this bathroom zen. L’dressing in blades of bamboo flooring in the continuity of the ground installation l’accent decor in this bathroom. Practical storage with a bathroom, the niche in the wall d’support of the tub and the cabinet on the extent to which naturally arise accessories zen in the final touch. Bath Oxygen, 249? Castorama

A hip bath, retro bathroom zen !

What bathtub for bathroom zen ?
©Hudson Reed
L’option d’a hip bath that is installed on a wooden floor plant l’atmosphere of this bathroom bathed d’a soft tone of pastel color. White tiles metro style, gray paint pearl and baseboards white, a shades in perfect harmony with the zen of the hip bath. For a note even more pampering, a piece of furniture painted white is used for the storage of towels and hosts some candles , accessories indispensable d’a bathroom zen. Hip bath, 1.998? Hudson Reed.

What bathtub for bathroom zen ?


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