Bathroom concrete polished for a trendy amenagement

We talked a lot about the waxed concrete and its natural and mineral beauty. Ideal as a material for covering walls and floors, today concrete can be integrated into the bathroom in very different ways.

Coating your walls and / or the floor with waxed concrete is tedious if you want to take advantage of its gray and elegant look, but without spending too much money and waste a lot of time, we invite you to discover our large folder of examples of bathroom in concrete waxed.

Bathroom concrete polished for a trendy amenagement

 wall bathroom floor coating concrete waxed

Bathroom in concrete waxed

 ] bathroom modern design idyllic concrete waxed mirror wall

Concrete is often considered a Element cold. Originally used for exterior construction, it has been for a while that it has already gained its place in modern interior design. If you want to furnish your bathroom with industrial and contemporary style, concrete is the reference material for that.

It is thanks to the industrial design that its role has been rethought and it was finally introduced in the interior design. Several contemporary designers choose it for the development of modern lofts and apartments. Its neutral and simple appearance makes it easy to integrate with various design styles. It always brings an original touch and makes each room more mineral.

Wall and bathroom floor in concrete waxed

 concrete bath room bathroom wall floor ceiling

In general there are two types of concrete: natural concrete and composite concrete. The natural concrete is made from cement, water and sand, while the composite concrete is made from resin. In its raw state, the concrete is light gray or slightly dark. He is also susceptible to coloring. There are three techniques to color it: stained in the mass, colored on the surface or paint it. For the bathroom, it is rarely colored, because some interior designers prefer to keep its original look.

Bathroom and toilet with dark concrete walls

Gray is considered cold. Getting your entire bathroom in gray is a brave decision, but a little risky. It is advisable to marry him to a bright color so as not to make your interior too bland and to accentuate its beauty. Coupled with wood, the wax beton is beautifully elegant. For this reason, many designers often opt for this alliance, which has become a true classic in industrial design. Choosing concrete wax for your bathroom is a very practical decision. It is very resistant and suitable for indoor as well as outdoor. It is therefore ideal for the water part and even exposed to the humidity, there is no risk to abrade it. Cladding your walls and floors or installing a concrete bathroom counter is a long-term investment. To ensure with certainty its good conservation, it is good to laquer it.

Concrete wall waxed

 bathroom concrete bath tub modern design interior design

Dâ € ™ Natural and mineral appearance, concrete is always trendy. For a bathroom with industrial style, minimalist or simply modern, it is an inexpensive and trendy solution. We invite you to discover its beauty through our bathroom bathroom gallery with concrete below:

Concrete bathroom bathroom floor

 ground floor © your bathroom bath tub wooden wall deco

Bathroom bath tub concrete waxed

 concrete bath tub deisng mirror modern interior tiling

Concrete bathroom bathroom floor

 bathroom design shower cabin modern concrete waxed

Concrete bathroom wall and wooden furniture

 bathroom concrete bathroom lighting design lighting fixture modern suspension wood furniture

Concrete bathroom shower enclosure wall dark gray color

 bathroom in bà© © ton wax design modern Italian shower cabin

Classic gray and orange wedding

 bathroom in concrete waxed desig n bath tub designed ideal modern sink

Walls concrete waxed

 bathroom wall concrete tub shower shower plant dc shower cabin Shower cubicle walls entirely in waxed concrete

 bathroom in concrete design waxed cubicle italian shower

Walls and counter in concrete terracotta

 modern interior design bathroom bath tub shower italian sink

Shower cabin in waxed concrete

 bathroom in concrete waxed italian shower furniture wood drawers sink ideal marble surface

Contrast of beige and gray

 bathroom bathroom bath tub quartz design bath

 bathroom bath tub concrete design shower cubicle

 shower cubicle bathroom design bathroom waxed

 concrete bathroom countertop design Modern modern bathroom

 modern bathroom bathroom modern lighting design modern trend

 bathroom bathroom bar counter

 bathroom bathroom design modern concrete deck wood furniture deco plant

 bathroom concrete floor wall floor idea cabin shower wood

 bathroom gray modern design shower cabin idea [19659047bathroomdesignmodernconcretefloorwaxedwall

 bathroom concrete wall bathtub tile black white wood furniture

 bathroom wall design bath modern bathtub round mirror wall idea

 bath bathroom concrete furniture wood design

 cabin shower concrete wax design modern modern tiling modern interior design

 bathroom wall in bà ton'Ã, © your modern design bath tub ideal wood floor parquet floor

 modern bathroom design flat concrete landscaping moder ne

 ceilings in concrete design modern shower cubicle

 bath bathroom design wood furniture design tub shower cubicle ideal

 bath tub concrete © idea design interior wall modern bathroom

 bathroom design modern concrete bath tub

 bathroom design modern concrete tub shower Italian shower

 shower cubicle bathroom bath tub design deco wall bathtub

 concrete wax gray design mirror idyllic bathroom bath

 bathroom bathroom wax countertop false ceiling

 bathroom gray orange design concrete

 bathroom design design layout shower cubicle bath tub tiles

 wall floor concrete curved modern toilet design bathtub

 bathroom tile effect bathroom wax design interior design moder ne

 bathroom design modern concrete bathed bathtub trend modern shower cubicle

 wall concrete bath bathroom wall cladding floor solved

 wall concrete wax design shower cubicle bathtub bathroom modern

 bathroom gray dark modern design bathroom tile tiling shower

 bath tub bathroom concrete design tiling modern

 concrete wax bathroom wall tile modern armchair leather design

 concrete wax design modern bath bathroom mirror design

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