Bathroom : a heating nhas more lair

The bathroom is the’one of the most important parts of the house. We spend time there, and l’wants, above all, that’it cozy. How to choose heating the bathroom to make it a place that’you will not want to leave ?

That’we choose hot water or electric heating in the bathroom is a must. If once is chosen in terms of its effectiveness, nowadays we want also stylish. With improvements in technology, the electric heating n’longer be a chasm in terms of invoice d’electricity. For choosing the heating, it is necessary to consider the performance of each :

  • hot water heaters are very economical and then return to the heat for a long time. However, they have l’a disadvantage to put in the time to heat
  • electric radiators heat up very quickly, but they require a certain consumption of’electricity. The temperature falls immediately the heater stopped.

Bathroom : a heating n’has more l’air

Heating towel

In the field of electric heating in a bathroom, the towel rack is a great classic. We love its double function that allows you to hang towels and then heat l’area of the bathroom. If l’we know the traditional form of the towel dryer with its rays are superimposed, it should be noted that the towel will evolve and become them-also a lot more elegant.

because Of this, opt for large wall panels that you will heat your home very quickly. This kind of product corresponds perfectly to the desires of modern bathroom. This heated towel rail will also make an excellent effect on large tiles style with an Italian shower.

towel Dryer model ACOVA in space AUBADE.

in Order to limit the power consumption, many heated towel rails are equipped with the thermostat function and d’a limiter of duration with a heating intervening, for example, over a period of 2 hours. A good way to control costs.

electric Heating design :

Since’he n’is not possible d’avoid heating in the bathroom, why not join the’useful l’enjoyable. The bathroom is often the room that is most often devoid of any decoration. It is high time to rectify this. In fact, thanks to the designers, the very talented, the electric heater becomes a work d’art and becomes design.

electric Heater design at LOLA DECOR CORDIVARI

Surf the wave of modernity and offer to your bathroom, an electric heater which will bring a touch of deco. That’they are vertical or horizontal, these radiators in decorative have the merit of’to bring a sweet heat while wanting very aesthetic. Thanks to their original forms, on s’offer a total moment d’escape by letting himself go to the reverie, swept up by its original shapes.

The best c’is yet to find a radiator to inertia dry. The heat released is even and soft, which is perfect for ensuring a thermal comfort. Perfect for the bathroom in which you would like to have a surrounding heat.

radiators in the form d’shelf

electric Heater Quadraqua
Design : Domenico de Palo

You n’have not a lot of room in the bathroom and it is absolutely necessary that you optimize your space ? No need to choose between heating and storage. The solution in order to combine the two is to choose an electric radiator shelf. Landing on the height of your room, its location will not overflow more than’a column of bath.

as you say that this type of heating is, of course, perfect for storing your towels. Thus, you will always have a towel cozy and warm at the output of your shower. Finished the side unsightly radiator in the bathroom and you have the new bathroom cabinet. Radiator or bathroom cabinet ? In the end, you will not make more difference.

heating, blowing and aesthetic

The heating fan must often be considered as a heating d’booster or for heating small areas. The blowing heating is ideally suited in the small studios to the mountain, for example, or in the bathrooms at l’space is limited. Small space does not necessarily mean lack d’elegance. Thus, with the new heaters fan you can easily attach them to the top of your door to bathroom.

With their facade nicely decorated, say goodbye to the old fan heaters that look like toasters. Now, the decoration is also investing your radiators to bathroom.

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