Baroque table by Modenese Gastone Group

The history of baroque style is long. For five centuries of development, this style continues to inspire contemporary designers. Brands such as Moooi, Duffy London and Ibride are just some of the manufacturers and designers who are inspired by the Baroque style.

The Italian company Modenese Gastone is one of the lovers of this style. Today we present their interpretation of the Baroque table in their two collections: Bella Vita and Minimal Baroque. Everything is handmade in the north of Italy. This company is based on real woodworking know-how. For more than 25 years they have been a major producer worldwide. Discover our selection of 50 pictures of coffee tables, console tables, side tables and dining tables.

Baroque table by Modenese Gastone Group

 baroque table design modern wood interior deco baroque decor

Interior with rectangular baroque table in black

 Baroque table design with black modern wood look purple armchair interior

Often described as “dramatic”, this style was very popular with the Catholic Church because it was ideally suited to religious themes. Baroque appears for the first time in Rome, Italy, around 1600 before invading all of Europe and all branches of art: applied arts, literature, music, architecture, painting. As soon as he appears, he knows a great success. The term “baroque” comes from the Portuguese “barroco” and denotes a stone in imperfect form.

The very first appearance of elements of style, we find in the work of the famous Italian painter Michelangelo. This interior style is recognizable by the richness of its ornamentation, the opulence of materials and colors, and the taste for colossal and triumph. There are several sub-currents: monumental, classical and late baroque. For a long time, this style of design was only reserved for the aristocracy. It was also a way to impress visitors and to unravel its richness through grandiose decoration and landscaping. It is in Germany that Baroque architecture has the greatest success. It is also here that the current will turn into a “Rococo” style.

Interior in white decorated and decorated in Baroque style

 Baroque table lounge chair design white canapeterre ideal layout salon deco

What are the characteristics of the baroque style? It translates into a taste for the colossal, the ostentatious and the profusion of details. The furniture is made of materials of higher quality. The armchairs and sofas are very big and soft, always decorated with cushions with detailed pattern. The decoration is rich and majestic. Often the walls are decorated with large paintings and mirrors with gilded or silver wood frames. The luminaries are as grandiose as can be seen in the example below:

Interior with baroque style furniture in black, purple and white

 interior baroque table furniture retro wood table seating vintage armchair

How does one identify a baroque style furniture? Often the furniture is gilded or decorated with laces and noble materials. The dominant colors are often: shiny black, silver or gold, red and purple. Formerly reserved for the aristocracy, nowadays it is quite possible to find furniture of the style at an affordable price. Many companies make tables, armchairs and sofas that mimic the Baroque style, but are made from materials and less expensive materials. Industrialization has helped to democratize this style of design. The paradox is that classical baroque is inherently incompatible with mass industrial production. He sees himself as exclusive.

Round side table and armchair in Baroque style, Modenese Gastone Group

 Baroque interior table modern idea baroque armchair living room lamp retro

Indoor modern baroque style bar

 baroque style baroque design side table decorated deco

Baroque design wooden baroque style living room set

 baroque wood design interior design chair rug floor lamp suspended paper Painted

Round Wooden Table

 Interior Baroque Table Ideas Interior Design Wood Design White Armchair

Wooden Dining Table with Drawer

 Baroque Table dining room design floor mats black white stripes

Baroque style dining table accompanied by two design chairs

 baroque style dining table design stylish deco chair floor mats design pictures

Table eat in wood and white

 baroque table glass wood chair design ideal interior design furniture round mirror

elegant lacquered wooden table

 baroque dining room table ideal Baroque style wood design chair

Rectangular black coffee table with golden elements

 baroque low table living room design lacquered table design interior lighting black sofa


 baroque low table living room modern design black

Coffee table wooden rectangular shape

 coffee table design deco modernne ideal baroque living room

Three red armchairs and coffee table

 Baroque interior design furniture leather chair coffee table floor mat

Very large living room furnished with two sofas, two armchairs and two coffee tables

 baroque table design idea armchair co ussin sofa table console coffee table living room

Table wood with glossy surface

 baroque design table interior idea sofa cushion baroque chair

Armchair and coffee table with surface marble

 interior baroque style coffee table design marble

The table close

 interior table design baroque style marble wood floor rug leather chair

Table console with golden feet

 baroque console table design style decoder table fixture

wooden black table

 baroque style black table design carpet modern floor designed deco baroque wood

Lacquered wood table

 baroque golden table design interior wood floor mats blue interior decoded motif

Living room interior in blue and gold

 baroque furniture design floor rug pattern flowers coffee table wood design can cushions

Pink armchairs and sofas and two white wooden tables

 Interior Baroque style design design armchair sofa pink ottoman floor mats

 interior design baroque sofa table © floor mats

 coffee table wood design glass beige floor mats

 baroque white wood table design living room

 purple living room black design ideal coffee table living room armchair purple deco lighting suspension design idea furnished tv

 coffee table round wood armchair design furnishing baroque style floor mats

 baroque wood table living room design ideal furnishing floor mats

 round wood table design sofa design baroque style floor mats round table wood

 baroque table living room wood design floor mats sofa cushions lighting suspension chair

 baroque furniture style coffee table wood light fixture baroque corner sofa

 black wood console table design idé interior lamp mirror decorated frames

 interior design baroque table design mirror wooden frame design

 baroque dining room design round wooden table chair mirror wall luminaire suspension beige floor rug

 classic baroque wood table Modern Design Idea Mirror Entry

 Baroque Wood Console Table Idea Entrance Arrangement Mirror Wall Decorated Wood Frame

 Interior Design Baroque Style Wood Console Table [19659071baroquediningroombaroquechairdesignlightingfixturewallhanging

 baroque armchair interior design design dining chair wall curtains wall chart

 interior baroque style living room design baroque armchair lighting luxury lounge [19659074] interior style baroque table design armchair carpet floor round table design table wall decor

 baroque table living room design design armchair decorating living room

 interior baroque style design chai Idea Round Table Dining Room Lighting

 Baroque Dining Round Table Design Dining Room Baroque Style

 Baroque Furniture Decorating Interior Decorated Chair Pouf Table White Wood

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