Bar and garden service to do it in pallet wood

deco palette has conquered the garden ! Table, living room, sofa, pallets wood have the odds. In this trend of furniture palette, bar, garden and table service will be realized also in pallets. Follow this DIY to turn pallets into furniture practices for fast breakfast in the garden .

Feeder table garden palette

A piece of furniture in a palette, s’assembles easily. In the garden, while some require a bit of diy, d’others are constructed by simple superposition of the pallet wood. c’is the case of the table palette, bench or glider. Today’hui c’is in the service and bar in the garden that the pallets will be transformed with a pot of paint in the buff.

Bar and garden service to do it in pallet wood

Nice, the table service kitchen d’summer palette !

A serving of kitchen d’summer palette

Everything on hand for meals in the garden with this table assembly with a few pallets. That’you need : 5 pallets, wood, paint, blue, or d’a color in harmony with the decor of the garden, 4 castors, 4 strips of 30 cm section of 8x8cm and a little tooling and no need to plan, the table is built like a lego.

  1. Paint the pallets and the blocks with a paint exterior wood in 2 layers.
  2. in the palette that will be the base of the cabinet, attach a furring strip to each corner to l’aid of glue, rapid curing and wood screws
  3. Place a 2nd palette on the structure and secure it the same way on the furring strips
  4. After drying, fold the piece of furniture and then ask the casters to 5cm from the edge of the pallets
  5. finish the assembly by asking the last 2 pallets.

It remains that’to store the dishes, glasses and other items of a table. l’thickness of the pallet at the top is sufficient for the storage of batteries d’plates, bowl and salad bowls.

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