Balcony Garden Designs

Balcony Garden Designs

Breaking views, claustras, panels / curtains, split cane, grow your secret garden by building your deck and your outside ! Easy to install and not expensive, the breeze-view protects from prying eyes and wind. Existing in almost all the colours, materials and styles, breeze-view and other protections are also real elements of decoration to make your development a terrace, a haven of peace and d’privacy !

Because no one’likes to be spied on her terrace, brise-vue, split cane and other claustras take their district to the’outside to ensure you have a garden or a intimate terrace. To address the potential prying eyes induced by vis-à-vis annoying, perfect to protect the garden shower s’shelter from the wind and give to its exterior a touch of deco with a multiplicity of materials, forms and colors. Breeze-view wooden for a natural effect in metal for a more modern style, openwork or opaque, white, brown or black there’s something for all needs, all tastes and for all budgets. So to take maximum advantage of the beautiful days, n’hesitate and adopt the breeze-view !

Breeze view in the woods to protect vis-à-vis

Balcony Garden Designs

wood panels-breaking views for the’shelter and delineate the different spaces that make up the garden. ©Castorama

Farewell to the vis-à-vis that disrupts your peace when you are in the garden. These breeze-views wooden opaque promise to break with all the proximities that prevent full enjoyment of the’outside. In the garden, these wooden panels divide the space to create small corner sheltered from looks but also from the wind. Fully enclosed, breeze-view of the occult at 100% the outside view optimal. Simple and natural thanks to its material of spruce, this breeze-view is the background without a problem in the green landscape of the garden. A solution breeze-unparalleled view that is particularly adapted to be screw-à-vis loved ones. Castorama – Panels spruce “Onora” Dim : L. 180 x H. 180 cm. Thickness 45 mm. Assembly by screws and staples galvanized.

split cane in the breeze-view in order to shelter the terrace

Balcony Garden Designs

there’s Nothing better to protect his terrace from prying eyes, that d’adopt the soft way with split cane and wicker very natural. ©Bricorama / Ideal Garden

Perfect for not to break the harmony of the space outside, the breeze-view in made of split cane wicker protects the terrace naturally without confining the atmosphere. Letting the light pass through the filter, natural, inexpensive, canisse turns out to be the best solution to manage its terrace way trend. Delimiting the space, the split cane and wicker bring a side zen garden significant. Canisse Ideal Garden – 1.50x3m rods d’wicker natural stitched with galvanized iron wire of 100% natural

claustras patterned chic and delicate white

Balcony Garden Designs

To protect themselves on the terrace, what could be better than these claustras white drawing of beautiful grounds. ©Castorama

These openwork claustrae create a real space d’privacy on the terrace. The white color of these claustras and delicate patterns are combined beautifully with the color of the facade of the house. Convenient and easy to install, these two facilities will go up itself by stacking simply the blocks of concrete one on top of the other. Finished separations without charm which stifle space, with this breeze and view made up for the brightness and an atmosphere of class and luxury on your little terrace. Partition Corfu 20 x 40 x 5 cm – concrete, from the aggregate of white marble.

A breeze-view mesh to protect the terrace

Balcony Garden Designs

A breeze-view of non-attachment and aesthetic end that filter the light while protecting from prying eyes on the terrace. ©Leroy Merlin

D’a subtle absolute (thickness d’1.5 mm), breeze-view, polyethylene is an excellent compromise to veil the view from the terrace without having to completely overshadow it. Very practical to protect the neighbors, breeze-view also allows you to make a side with a nice decoration to the terrace. Its ethereal and its warm colour is perfectly matched with the trend of the moment, which is the coating of wooden deck and here slatted wood. Easy installation with brass grommets and buttonholes that make up its structure, this breeze-view is the’ideal for ceux who seek privacy on the terrace.

Simplicity and modernity with a breeze-view acrylic

Balcony Garden Designs

Breaking views in acrylic panels that shelter from the wind, while offering a modern and chic l’outside. ©Castorama

signs in acrylic, it n’there is nothing better for protection from the wind without obscuring completely the view ! Set up your terrace or poolside in a loft-style classic and modern thanks to these panels, breaker views and white treat yourself to a great deal of creative freedom thanks to their ability to cope with the’infinite, like a construction set. Easy to transport and set up element-by-element, your panels evolve according to your needs and s’combine to play the card of the tailor-made. In addition to the convenient breeze-view, we may note the appearance modern and chic of this installation that works as well at the edge of the pool to the edges of the terrace to hide it without obscuring.

A truss plant to hide the terrace naturally

Balcony Garden Designs

A mesh to create a natural separation and put l’shelter its terrace by climbing flowers and plants on this wall. ©Leroy Merlin

The spring sings and signs the end of the beautiful views on your garden ! This panel lattice wooden showcases flowers and other green plants and creates a corner for privacy natural. Particularly suitable for climbing plants s’wrap around of the crusaders, this breeze-view becomes a true accessory deco once invaded by the greenery. Forming a green wall opened by place, it is the outer element of the more discreet to shelter from its neighbours. Natural separation with the edge of the terrace, the breeze-view breaks with the ultra-modern of some of his peers to return to the essential, more simple and charming.

Breeze-view mode blind

Balcony Garden Designs

claustras white ways shutters to create a true corner d’privacy outside. ©Castorama

Tuck your patio with elegance and refinement with this confined white-way blind. Concrete made of aggregates of white marble, these blinds block are superimposed to choose the desired height and adapted to each configuration. To see through while keeping l’privacy that should be, this partition defines the small dining area, sunny terrace and distinguishes it from the rest of the garden without ever locking her in spite of his heavy matter. The native plants will also find their account since’after abutting against the partition, they can thrive without constraint and let their branches through l’ opening of the shutters.

wood shutters to protect the terrace

Balcony Garden Designs

straight Panels style shutters completely / curtains to shelter the terrace. ©LeroyMerlin

The simplicity still remains a gage d’efficiency as evidenced by these classic straight panels of wood that protect the terrace looks undesirable. Classic and without eccentricity, these breeze-views shutters are an asset unstoppable to put its terrace at l’shelter and make it a true personal space. Creating a clear separation with the garden, this simple, low cost installation fits perfectly to the outside and arises merely through a system of fixation to the ground. A series of these panels, louvers filter the light through the strips of wood bent and, therefore, provide a bit of freshness and d’shadow. We love this outdoor facility to enjoy the serenity of the terrace during sunny days. Kit Panel on the right with blind, 80×180 cm

The decor at the service of visual screens with these panels / curtains

Balcony Garden Designs

Create your personal space to the’outside, thanks to the panels / curtains decor style tree openwork. ©Castorama

And if you design your own corner intimate in the garden ? Original, chic, and modern design, this sheltered space is perfect for creating a unique place in the garden. Part of the Collection of Castorama named ” Idaho “, these blades of polyethylene and fibers of bamboo anthracite-colored charge d’obscuring completely the view of the exterior during a panel decor black-painted aluminum comes from,as to him, to open up space by drawing a tree. This place easily between the two poles that support the blades and also comes adorn the top of the transparent panels complete the decor aerial, and contemporary. Blades anthracite – Sun. L 177 x H 15 cm – Price : 29,90 euro 3 / Large sign decor Ohara – Dim L 100 x H 171 cm – Price : 189 euros / small panel decor Ohara Dim. L 177 x H 42 cm.

Balcony Garden Designs

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