Art Deco style in a modern interior by Duc TayOne

Have you ever had a hard time choosing between two different styles for decorating your home? Yes, it would have been much easier to choose if one could just visualize the results of both!

This is exactly the job a graph viewer does. Interior coration every day and this work is very interesting to see. In this article, designer Duc TayOne explores two different ways to decorate an interior in the Art Deco style . As it is already rare enough to see interior of Art Deco style it is then even more interesting to be able to compare two approaches one by one. Other.

Art Deco style in a modern interior by Duc TayOne


Art Deco Style in a Modern Black and White Kitchen

Let’s start our analysis with the kitchen. Kitchen décor is a modern approach to deco with contrasting black and white stripes and luxurious materials like marble and brass. What immediately catches the eye is the large, printed wall panel inspired by pop art. The decorative plates are from the Tema E Variazioni collection by Piero Fornasetti. Each depicts the face of opera singer Lina Cavalieri – a subject that captures Piero’s fascination during his artistic career.

 Elegant decorative plates from the Tema E collection Variazioni by Piero Fornasetti

 art style kitchen plates

We then see the same kitchen visualized in softer shades and decorated in rose-stained wood. The furniture and decorations in the room remain the same, but what makes the difference is the soft and rounded lines. This version is very close to the Art Nouveau style, especially with the addition of a designer chandelier with bright floral details.

Decorative objects for the kitchen in black and white

 art style © co kitchen plates collection

The bedroom is bright and cheerful, decorated with iconic portraits of Marilyn Monroe – a personification of the golden age of Art Deco and elegant stools for more comfort. In the office, it is the artistic collection arranged on illuminated shelves that we see first. The black and white desk is also a worthy piece of furniture that contrasts decisively with the carpet on the floor. And so continues the collection of images of the other pieces in the interior all more beautiful ones than the others.

Objects and decorative elements élé-gloves

 style art deco kitchen decorations

Decorative objects posed on a luxurious buffet

 art deco style modern kitchen

Modern design kitchen in the style Art Deco

Kitchen of interesting design

 art deco style kitchen

Modern chandelier of original design

 art deco style elegant chandelier

The same kitchen viewed with a different decoration

 art deco style kitchen wood rose

 art deco style bedroom black white

 art deco style bedroom bed [19659029] art deco style bedroom sofa

 art deco style bedroom

 art deco style desk

 dressing deco el modern elegant

 modern interior design interior

 modern elegant interior design deco

 original design interior design

 elegant interior design interior design

 interior deco elegant design

 interior design luxury interior deco


 interior deco interior design -des-gym

 interior decoration wall shelf

 elegant design bedroom

 bedroom design armchair

 bedroom night table

 cozy bedroom deco

 decoration contemporary bed room

 luxury adult room decoration

 modern design coffee table

 contemporary design walk-in wardrobe

 modern walk-in wardrobe

 spacious walk-in wardrobe