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Apartment with upscale terrace in Cologne

This apartment with terrace located in Cologne, designed by the Belgian designer Angelo de Bock shows a strong personality in its design. The apartment is filled with warm tones and creates the typical ambience for an apartment with terrace located in a cosmopolitan city. On the terrace there is a parrot that admires the view. Of course he has no particular function but it is brown to have him there every morning while having his coffee.

 apartment with terrace original decoration

Apartment with high-end terrace in Cologne

 apartment with terrace decorative design

L The interior of the apartment with terrace is elegant and causes attention. Baroque styla elements meet elements of the fairy accounts and create an oriental atmosphere. Despite the excess of detail the apartment is rather warm without stifling the inhabitant. You can find inspiration practically everywhere in the apartment. There is a small corner dedicated to reading, warm light and surprising figurines all over the apartment that will remind you of your childhood and provoke your imagination.

Very interesting decoration room

 apartment with terrace design decoration

The decoration of this apartment shows a strong personality

 apartment with terrace design

A decorative parrot

 apartment with terrace design living room

Reading corner with small triangular library

 apartment reading deco area

Piano decorated with an art table above

 decorated apartment deco details

This apartment is filled with very interesting decorative details

 apartment piano deco

Sofa comfortable in white

 sofa design white deco

Sofa decorated with artistic cushions

 interior design apartment decoration

 decoration modern reading corner

 original decoration modern apartment

 decoration detail original apartment

 modern decoration flat staircase

 decoration apartment original deco

 bedroom decoration design

 bedroom design original

 modern dressing room deco

 decoration original terrace apartment

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