A wooden kitchen for lovers of noble materials

Have you ever imagined the kitchen of your dreams? And if she was entirely in wood? Because there is nothing more warm, tender and seductive than wood. It is a material both noble and natural that gives a second skin to our interior. Wood is a living material that breathes with us. It can be soft or hard, granular or smooth, light or dark, depending on our tastes and preferences. Here, we propose to wood lovers to guide them in the choice of the design of their wooden kitchen, because there are plenty of ways to go about it.

 ultra modern design kitchen

The wood is suitable To all styles – from rustic to ultra-modern

 country style kitchen

Wood combines all styles – from rustic to contemporary, minimalist and futuristic. It can be easily mixed with other materials, without suffering any contradictions. Similarly, you can mix different types of wood on different surfaces such as the floor, ceiling, walls or cupboards. Like the Spanish architect Luis Velasco Roldan.

In a wooden kitchen one can mix the different materials

 Italian wooden kitchen design

A wooden kitchen quickly becomes the heart of the house. Because the wood has a memory. Who can not remember the unforgettable moments spent at the grandmother’s house or in a chalet in the mountains around a wooden table marked by the weather and the passage of people. The small noises of the cupboards that one opens, the squeaky floor reminds emotions that no one wants to forget. Why not find them in a new kitchen in wood ? At Oppenheim Architecture + Design the architects were inspired by these emotions. They created this eco-friendly rustic kitchen in a cottage in Aspen, Colorado.

Cottage style wood kitchen

 cottage wood design kitchen

Of course, we’ve got it Imagine very well in a secondary residence in the mountains or in the countryside and if you are lucky enough to have one, the wooden kitchen is the best. This is what the designers Annalisa and Peter Zumthor offer us with this interior kitchen in light and solid wood that seems to melt with the landscape outside. The stainless steel worktop does not contradict the aesthetics of the whole.

Modern kitchen in light solid wood

 light solid wood kitchen

The wooden kitchen can be spacious or small richly furnished or minimalist. In all cases they must be practical and enjoyable to live. The visual effect of the wood is impressive in a large kitchen. You can play with the textures of the wood, its geometry, the raw or smooth side that dress the space and make it unique. As they do at Bates Masi Archiects.

Lacquered and smooth wood, natural lighting

 Kitchen in smooth solid wood

The wooden cladding or solid wood construction allows great freedom in work on the details. Because the wood is flexible and is ready for any manipulation. Likewise, when designing a kitchen kitchen project we have to think about light. How is it possible to play with the light of day and how to have inside lighting that values ​​our favorite material? An example at Jendretwki.

Contemporary design kitchen with wood accent

 modern wood kitchen furniture

It is also possible to introduce colors and even living colors that infuse energy with wood. Finally, wood can be the personal touch in our kitchen, the detail that makes our interior unique without dominating the other materials used. That’s why it fits just as well in an industrial design kitchen in brick or concrete. Take a look at these pictures and get inspired for your interior wooden kitchen.

A kitchen with lacquered wood and black walls at Studio Fanetti

 kitchen wood lacquered black walls

A touch of bright colors at Italian village villa

 kitchen wood touch bright color

Kitchen design minimalist chez Matharoo Associates

 kitchen minimalist wood

Kitchen industrial style at William Rainero

 kitchen industrial design touch wood

Kitchen modern design at Egeon Architecten

 cusine design modern touch wood

Kitchen in purple with worktop and storage in dark wood

 kitchen modern wood color purple

Contrast between natural wood and bright color black

 kitchen natural wood lacquered

Kitchen natural wood design and central island marbled

 kitchen natural wood marble island

Contemporary kitchen with central island l in wood

 contemporary kitchen ile bois

classic design kitchen with wood and vintage tiling

 classic design kitchen wood tiling

minimalist kitchen wood and white

 minimalist kitchen design wood

kitchen design countryside English

 rustic English style kitchen

 classic northern style kitchen

 cozy little classy kitchen

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