A rug in your room to enhance the interior decoration

A rug in your room to enhance the interior decoration

The mat is an essential accessory to interior decoration, which can be suitable to all parts. He dresses as well as the parquet floor as the tiles, linoleum, and even carpeted floors. End or thick, simple or colorful, big or small, whatever your preference, you will definitely find the one of your dreams !

rugs classic

Made of wool or polypropylene, these models are suitable for most uses. Available in many formats (sizes, colors, patterns, etc), you will find them in all the home furnishing shops, at varying prices. Rather, the purpose and easy to maintain, you can place them in all the rooms. Thanks to these mats, the floor of your bathroom can be brightened up !

the Side decor, choose a carpet to match your interior. Play with colors and patterns to give it a clean, or more baroque. Opt for a format large enough to avoid narrow.

A rug in your room to enhance the interior decoration

The thick carpet

Also called ” shaggy “ or ” spaghetti “, the carpet thick (3 to 7 inches thick, in general) brings a effect pampering in a room. You’ll gladly walk barefoot on the ground, so fluffy ! Available in wool or polyester, version matte or gloss, this type of product is, unfortunately, difficult maintenance because of its fibers intermingled. Place it preferably in a place a little messy, as a room or a living room (not including the bathroom and the kitchen).

A rug in your room to enhance the interior decoration


highly Valued for their ecological side, a carpet made of natural fibres are generally made of seagrass, bamboo and / or sisal. Very easy to clean, they can be found in their original color or colors more vivid. This natural material brings an authentic touch in any room and provides all types of decorations, from the most sober to the most colorful group.

A rug in your room to enhance the interior decoration

carpet world

These traditional rugs are usually rich in motifs and quite coloured.

The most well-known are of course the oriental. On one side, the Persian is traditionally tied by hand. Associated with luxury, this piece is overloaded of reasons, meticulous blends perfectly into the decor classic or contemporary. On the other, the kilim (originally from Iran) presents geometric designs less dense. Composed of wool and cotton, this reversible mat is hand embroidered. Unlike the Persian that requires special care, the kilim is quite easy to maintain.

There is also beautiful traditional products :

  • in Latin america, mainly in Argentina and Peru.
  • Africa, especially the Maghreb.
  • Asian, as the carpets ala-kiyiz and shyrdak-felt.

To match this style motley to your interior design, use furniture or accessories that are reminiscent of certain forms or colours present on the fabric, to obtain a harmonious result.

A rug in your room to enhance the interior decoration

other stacks

To decorate a room, don’t hesitate to vary the types of carpets :

  • In the stairs : in addition to beautify the stairs, a carpet will help you avoid slipping !
  • On the wall : a pretty carpet should not be restricted to the ground. Why not attach one above your sofa ?
  • original shapes : don’t limit yourself to the usual rectangles and circles. There are beautiful carpets of all forms, even the most strange (imitation animal skin, heart, cartoon character, etc).
  • Combine several mats : think about mixing the styles. For example, a small rug shaggy round carpet classic rectangular grounds will be adorable in a child’s bedroom.

A rug in your room to enhance the interior decoration

The carpet-custom

The carpet is often fairly expensive, many people opt for a size smaller than that which would be appropriate for their space. For a version more affordable, you can create your own carpet :

  • Via website specialized (for example here or here) : choose the material, dimensions, and borders. Wait a few weeks and you will receive your nice carpets, specially designed for your home. If you want a rug with patchwork effect, sites like FLOR will also allow you to create your own carpet tiles.
  • buying carpet: in a diy store, pick up a piece of carpet to the desired shape, and then sew the edges If you are not very comfortable with a sewing machine, you can also ask your diy store (Saint Maclou, in particular, offers this service) or to a couturier to do so.

In addition to a reduced price, these mats tailor-made to allow you to get exactly the dimension you need. Practice for hallways or rooms with low-conventional !

A rug in your room to enhance the interior decoration

now You know almost everything about the offers available on the market with this tour d’horizon synthetic, so do not wait, bring a touch of deco to your floor to enhance your interior !

A rug in your room to enhance the interior decoration

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