A modern design kitchen or how to reconcile design and functionality

Let’s face it, even if the kitchen is not the place where we like to take the most photos with friends, this is where we spend a lot of time time when at home. Some like to cook, others speed to nibble and others feel comfortable drinking coffee and reading the newspaper. For all, the kitchen is the heart of the house and it is no coincidence that the modern design has transformed into a living room open to other spaces.

 open modern design kitchen exterior

A beautiful and functional kitchen quickly becomes the heart of the house

 kitchen design dark colors

A modern kitchen design and functional is our day the wishes of all those who arrange in a new home. Because it is not only beautiful and practical, but it also adds value to housing that will be more attractive in the market. To prepare the project of a modern and functional design kitchen it is necessary to consider several aspects attentively.

In modern design kitchen deco plays an important role

 modern kitchen design wood coating

A piece of advice, choose a open space to traffic – children, as we know, like to run there and recognize our friends often spend time in the kitchen while preparing the meal. It would be reasonable to invest in a central island, a bar and comfortable seating. Finally, the storage spaces, furniture and cupboards, as well as the household appliances must be of a design according to the general design.

Functional kitchen with central island and marble cladding

 functional kitchen central island storage

Cozy style with warm colors

 kitchen modern design colorful chalereuse

Kitchen modern design California style

 kitchen modern design California style

Kitchen modern rustic style white

 ] modern kitchen rustic style white

kitchen artistic design tiles patchwork

 modern kitchen retro tiles patchwork

kitchen with open space, focus on worktop

 kitchen open space worktop immense

Contemporary small kitchen, pistachio color

 Contemporary kitchen pistachio color

Kitchen design minimalist white

 Kitchen minimalist design

Kitchen with cabinets wood plywood

 Kitchen open space closets plywood wood

Hollywood inspired kitchen

 Modern Hollywood inspired kitchen

Nappa Valley style kitchen made of solid and rustic wood

 Nappa Valley rustic solid wood kitchen

 contemporary gray kitchen touched pistachio green

 ] cusine evetement cork bright color

 kitchen coating marble

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