A creative and easy DIY deco for Christmas

You’re creative this winter season? It turned out well as multiple decoded DIY manufacturing proposals flooded the canvas.

While some of them require more patience and motivation, others are quick and easy to achieve.

In other words, you can find the project that best matches your state of mind and your wishes for this Christmas.

Many of the decorative trends have this vintage touch: from classic balls to paper hanging ornaments, everything can be handmade. Just bring you paper, pencils and paint and get started in decorating for Christmas.

A creative and easy DIY deco for Christmas

 vintage ornaments decorations diy christmas

Decor DIY for Christmas: ball in aqua marine

 ball christmas tree blue easy diy

If you’re fed up with your decorative Christmas balls, there is a quick way to turn them around. Take a flake of glitter (they exist in all colors today) and stick them on the ornaments. You will get a completely changed look. If you are good at drawing, why not paint your own favorite balls?

Christmas balls with silver and gilded metal scoop

 christmas balls christmas decorations

Christmas balls christmas gifts in white, red and green

 diy balls paper red green christmas white christmas

Decoration DIY original Christmas decorations

 idé dec diy noel vintage balls

Decorative porcelain deco DIY

 deco diy noel ball porcelain black white

Ornament of fir Christmas vintage

 deco diy noel reindeer crystal ornament

Christmas deco ornament in white paper

 deco diy white paper noel original

red handmade coration for Christmas

 deco vintage red christmas tree

vintage ornament for christmas tree

 deco christmas ornament fir

 vintage figurines Details diy co Noa "the colors

 ornaments gà © ometriques cover diy © co Noë l

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