9 Tips Deco Room D’child Easy And Not Expensive

9 Tips Deco Room D’child Easy And Not Expensive

The house d’a child must d’be multifunctional. To organize its living space, it is necessary to take into account several criteria : Your child is going to play there, sleep there and also study there. Order d’combine leisure and work, here are several tips for creating a flexible, functional, playful and creative in your child’s room.

decorating Ideas for a kids bedroom

this is It, the last one goes to kindergarten, it is time to revisit the décor of her room, and d’to mention a few of the toy boxes that are overflowing and the dolls that litter the carpeted floor. For his own good, and that of the parents, it will be necessary to create him an environment where he can s’fun, and study. Here are the 9 tips that we recommend for him to fit out and decorate a room great :
9 Tips Deco Room D’child Easy And Not Expensive
1 – Opt for solutions convenient storage, The child must’be organized, and for this it is indispensable d’install the cabinets in their room at their height. Avoid multiple wall shelves, and promote storage cupboards, benches, and coat racks. Not only will your child learn to put things away in their place, but in addition you n’have to do it yourself.

2 – N’not forget that the bedroom is a space deco, choose up to three dominant colors that s’will give them. We recommend d’avoid the red, because c’is a color that irritates it, and prefer pastel colors, d’as far as games and toys will d’touches of red.
9 Tips Deco Room D’child Easy And Not Expensive

3 – Your child can not sleep without her nightlight ? Animate the ceiling and the walls near his bed, drawing stars and a moon that s’will illuminate as soon as the light will be off. For this you have the Varnish Phosphorescent Idéco V33. You can also paint an urban landscape all around the room. Better yet, please participate, this will be much more fun. If you n’have not’soul d’an artist, you will find the stars and moons glow in Nature & Discovery, for example.

4 – The trend of the stickers removable is all the rage for a children’s room ! Birds, butterflies, trees, cartoon characters … The choices are many for taken affordable. These tattoos of the walls are temporary, and some sites even offer to customize them.

5 – It is time d’forget pictures glued to a table ! The new mode is to stretch a rope between two walls, above the bed, or in front of a window, and snapped these pictures on the rope.

9 Tips Deco Room D’child Easy And Not Expensive

In my room, j’have the right d’write on the walls ! Chalkboard paint and Scribble green and Magnetik Home Deco

6 – Create a table d’activity, On a wall near his office, for this use a chalkboard paint-covered d’a magnetic paint. The two combined, l’child draws, writes with chalk, fixed his photos l’aid of magné funny. C’is fun and eliminates the need for pins.

7 – Forget the square that is drawn on a corner of the door. Through the paint to the’water, non-toxic, use your child’s hand on the wall. It is easy to clean, and c’is a any other way to watch it grow.

8 – The’lighting in a room d’child is very important. Use multiple lights, on the ceiling, on foot or on a bedside table for reading. This will not only create differences in the volumes and d’moods in the room, but it will also rise all alone at night to go to the bathroom.

9 – The trend of DIY (Do It Yourself) is democratized, and if you decide to paint yourself a piece of furniture for the room of the small, do it with him. He will choose his colors, and he can decorate to his liking.

9 Tips Deco Room D’child Easy And Not Expensive

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