8 Ideas d’design of small bathroom

8 Ideas d’design of small bathroom

8 Ideas d’design of small bathroom

A small bathroom can have delusions of grandeur ! Narrow, sloping ceilings or in length, while the bathroom is small, it requires a design that is optimized to gain maximum space. A real challenge in the c’is true, but don’t worry, simple, and effective, tricks of the trade d’development exist to give a small bathroom looks great !

When you have a small bathrooms, nothing like a little tricks to optimize his development . Furniture and storage space functional and compact, a set of mirror to enlarge the’space, paint bathroom in contrast, and she has d’great ! The shower, which can be a shower, to be preferred to the bathtub, a vanity made-to-measure, layout and space-saving, find l’decoration idea that optimizes a small bathroom to make it a space of relaxation and zen, and modern is quite possible.

A small bathroom under the eaves

8 Ideas d’design of small bathroom

Functional and equipped with every comfort, a small bathroom that maximizes the tricks to saving space in 4.5 m2. Photo Leroy Merlin

If the small bathroom is fitted under the roof, it n’is not doomed to be a small space ! This room d’water of 4.5 m2 gives the proof. Bright thanks to the skylight in the roof, it maximises the tricks to saving space with a vanity, less cumbersome, that’a piece of furniture. Under the slope, a bench built and occupies the whole width and extends in the shower. Convenient for a storage bathroom ordered the wicker baskets that slide in underneath. Face the mirror to the shower wall for a zoom effect total of the bathroom. Bowl hung WC, tiled briquette 2.5 x 5 cm, floor vinyl imitation wood shower Door glass at Leroy Merlin.

A small room of bath with Italian shower

8 Ideas d’design of small bathroom

A small bathroom and a practice that s’gives a shower Italian

bright colours and a spacious Italian shower, here is the recipe magic of this small bathroom. A zen atmosphere that reigns in this room d’water, which adopts tips, decor trends, and practices. WC suspended release the’floor space and give more air to the room. But l’advantage of this small bathroom is undoubtedly the bulkhead storage separating the shower l’Italian from the rest of the room. A smart idea to optimize the’space, without neglecting l’aspect functional ! Source : Pinterest

A small bathroom black and white

8 Ideas d’design of small bathroom

A duo of black and white elegant to wish for this small contemporary bathroom.

The duo of colors winner d’a bathroom close and trend ! This small bathroom black and white plays the card of sobriety chic while promoting the’space. The vanity unit white on feet stainless steel without a frame frees up the floor area and d’organize the’space by installing a possible cabinet d’booster. The soft lighting completes the decor in sublimating this small space modern and contemporary. Source : Pinterest.

Bet on the colors in a small bathroom

8 Ideas d’design of small bathroom

elements red and a wall of blue to create a bathroom all in length. Photo : Leroy Merlin

This bathroom long narrow n’has not have cold eyes ! Far from conventions, its decor is high in colour thanks to the red and the blue alive that the punctuate. But l’astuce deco in this small bathroom lies not only in the colors ! The walk-in shower in the background, arranged perpendicularly relative to the rest of the room d’water, slice with the length of the room”ur give an impression of width. Furniture sub-basin Nano Sensea, gray zinc-plated, n°3 at Leroy Merlin,

Maximize a small bathroom by mixing styles deco

8 Ideas d’design of small bathroom

A bathroom narrow in a mix deco-style retro and modern.

Who said that,’a bathroom narrow and small was necessarily without a soul ? This room d’water deconstructs the conceived ideas thanks to its clever mix of modern style with shower with l’Italian, black tiled and the cement tiles with a corner sink, very old school. The cauldron of ancient form, the mirror brocanté and light fixtures are put in value thanks to the wide band of mosaic that surrounds them. A decorative small room baine is well thought out to delineate the’space.

A small bathroom with a sloping ceiling that optimizes its space

8 Ideas d’design of small bathroom

A small room d’water-attic fun with its a separate shower to the’Italian slate. Photo : Next to House

A small bathroom with sloping ceilings require special accommodation. Here, the storage compartments are concealed under the vanity unit while the bulkhead slate attracts the eye and brings a unique and original practice, since’it conceals both the WC and the shower in the’Italian. And since the small space lack of depth, a mirror cut in the shape of the slope located at the top of the vanity can create an illusion of size and volume.

8 Ideas d’design of small bathroom

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