7 deco mural for child room do-it-yourself

7 deco mural for child room do-it-yourself

Stencil, garland, drawing, fresco, in a room d’child, a beautiful wall decorations made by Mom, the boys and girls love. Here are 7 ideas to inspire you decoration that is both playful and full of tenderness on the walls and in the room of your child or baby.

wall decorations for a room d’child or baby

To make a wall decoration for the bedroom of a little girl or boy just d’a dose d’imagination, d’a dose d’love and of resume the color code adopted for the walls and the furniture of the room. Side supplies, tape, paint, acrylic paint, fabric scraps for the streamers, letters stencils, drawings and small frames. Nothing d’expensive !

Tip deco : To make letters stencils free : Download fonts. Print in large size the letters needed on heavy cardstock and then empty them the letters with a knife. You will get stencils that are ready to be used multiple times.

7 deco mural for child room do-it-yourself
On the wall painted in gray urban d’a baby room, with a decoration realized with stickers stars black. Of course, you can buy them all done, otherwise simply cut out stars with a paper sticker color. Here, the star black s’harmonize with the colors of the room but the paper is available in many colors that allow you to find the best for your child’s room.
7 deco mural for child room do-it-yourself
Dare to the black in the baby room, in small touches with furniture and white paint, c’is very deco. Here, the large black cloud and the rain drops on the white wall are made in the’aid of a stencil that you can cut in a large sheet of thin cardboard n’have nothing bad !
7 deco mural for child room do-it-yourself  Picking up the colors in the patterned wallpaper pink, a large drawing naive achieved with felt-tip pens and acrylic paint. Easy to achieve, even if the drawing n’is not our strong, since the purpose is to keep a child-like mind. D’elsewhere, the fresco can be done with the’child to the lower part of the wall !!
7 deco mural for child room do-it-yourself
To contrast with the neutral colors of this room d’child, a garland made with squares of fabric picks up the colors of the toys, and pillows. Toys and objects on the small shelf in white brighten up the grey wall, pastel. To make no need of expenditure, we cut the pieces of fabric in old clothes, tablecloths, sleeping in the closet….
7 deco mural for child room do-it-yourself  As to the office of heaven of the bed in this room boy, the walls around the bed s’inspire d’a fresco is both graphic and playful. The mountain is symbolized by the large triangle light grey, carried out at l’aide d’a tape painting. the contours of the cloud, the sun and the other subjects can without problem be traced to the wall with a pencil, and then painted with acrylic paint.
7 deco mural for child room do-it-yourself  In this room in gray and white, l’alphabet is available on the wall at l’using letters stencils. As here you can reproduce the letters on two horizontal lines after drawing the bases l’aide d’an adhesive tape to paint, or to “dance” the letters around d’a round. To return to the theme of the stencil, prints of cat paws are painted on the floating floor.
7 deco mural for child room do-it-yourself  In this room of boy taupe, linen and sky blue, the wall at the top of the head reads s’anime d’a frieze made the stencil in the taupe and blue to make a clin d’look in the dresser. In the’example the stencil is a bit tricky to make yourself, but nothing prevents you to simplify or d’imagine a different one, your child will know you suggest good ideas !

7 deco mural for child room do-it-yourself

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