7 colors to paint kitchen furniture

7 colors to paint kitchen furniture

You are going to repaint your kitchen furniture and the choice of the color will inevitably ask for the coat of paint is at the height of your expectations. Here is a selection of kitchens redesigned in various styles for choose a paint color is nice for furniture.

What color to paint kitchen furniture ?

7 colors to paint kitchen furniture

blue paint
To review the deco in this kitchen, l’idea was to keep a hidden authentic home cooking while giving greater nobility to the furniture without character. The simplest solution was to repaint the furniture. C’is a tender color, blueberry which has been retained, which by contrast highlights the white porcelain left in his juice. The dominant cool colors which may be surprising for a cuisine called warm is largely offset by the generous presence of wood between the floor and the table top, which is diverted for the’opportunity in central island.

7 colors to paint kitchen furniture

the emerald green of the paint of the furniture of the kitchen is taken over for the colour of the riband positioned vertically on the credence table.

With a paint emerald green
Green, black-and-white, a trio of colors is nice for the kitchen. In the c’is the emerald green that is in the spotlight. Used to paint the furniture found in fine vertical lines to create a graphic composition on the credence table in white tiles. With this color luminous paint for furniture, work plan black s’impose almost, d’that’it finds an echo with l’assisi black wooden chairs.

With two colors of paint

7 colors to paint kitchen furniture

Paint the frame of the furniture in black, and the doors in white with a variant to modernize an old kitchen.

If the’desire to customize your furniture with two colours in contrast or shades you want, the colour charts painting kitchen furniture are rich enough so that you can find your happiness. C’was l’option that has been taken for these pieces of furniture of which the chassis are repainted in black satin, and the doors in white. To align l’together, the white is taken to the painting of the walls. the tiling of the splashback is painted with the same paint, multi-media, color, Dove, Grey and the old handles were replaced by handles bars in brushed aluminium more modern.

7 colors to paint kitchen furniture

paint bright yellow on the lower cabinets and the kitchen grey s’illuminates !

Another idea with two colors to do a makeover of the furniture of his kitchen. On a wall of bluish-grey, the furniture on the top are covered d’a paint mouse grey, a shade of warm which introduced the bright yellow used to paint the lower cabinets. To enhance the strength of the yellow, the work plan and tile has been changed for a clear teak.
7 colors to paint kitchen furniture
With a grey paint
it is Impossible not to suggest to you the grey to modernize your kitchen furniture as this color provides d’a result that is chic and timeless and this n’is not this picture of renovation of this kitchen in gray that will tell you the opposite ! A l’original furniture laminate white n’had not a great interest in deco. A simple lick of paint was enough to change l’allure of the kitchen. To bring a little fantasy and showcase books and decorative objects presented in the niche, a shade of grey more sustained than that of other furniture.
7 colors to paint kitchen furniture

With chic d’a grey anthracite
This is an ideal shade for redoing her kitchen in an industrial style without changing your furniture. A paint anthracite grey on the linear, a shade of concrete grey to repaint the walls and the base of the decoration is planted. A mixing valve pro with large clear hose to replace the’old and the kitchen is at the top.
7 colors to paint kitchen furniture
A white paint but not that !
Mix the finish of door furniture, a trend deco for the kitchen that s’says and when l’we redid her kitchen, l’case is easy to achieve. Instead d’use the paint on all the furniture, some doors are covered d’a plate of plywood is protected by a clear varnish. This creates a dynamic and cool breeze l’aspect sanitized d’a kitchen white.

7 colors to paint kitchen furniture

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