6 tables of artistic design by Gaetano Pesce

Gaetano Pesce is not an ordinary creator of modernist works. Architect and designer he always tries to erase the border between art, design and urban and industrial architecture.

His Works of Artistic Design are on display around the world, including MoMa and the Louvre. He has developed urban projects for cities in the United States, Europe, Latin America and Asia. In his creation he is guided by an essential principle: In modernism “it is less a style than a method of interpreting the present and looking for the future, all by preserving and celebrating his own individuality “. As a designer Gaetano Pesce is known for the artistic design of his furniture, accessories and objets d’art.

Today, we have chosen to present his collection of “Six Tables on Water”, exhibited in the David Gill Gallery in London. Each piece attempts to reproduce the surface, depth and movement of the water material in all its incarnations – the ocean, the lagoons, the lake, the river, the pond and the water. puddle. Each table corresponds to one of these states. The creator chose to reproduce a view of the sky, as if we admire these landscapes of very high. Thus, his works of artistic design integrate other elements of the landscape as the steps that lead to the lagoon of Venice.

6 tables of artistic design by Gaetano Pesce

 Artistic design Table River Pesce

The Lagoon Table Gaetano Pesce Lagoon Table Gaetano Pesce The Artistic Design of The Table Lagoon: Detail

 Lagoon Table Detail Gaetano Pesce

The Lake Table

 Table Lake Gaetano Pesce

The Lake Table : Detail

 Lake Table Detail Gaetano Pesce

Ocean Table by Gaetano Pesce  Ocean Table Gaetano Pesce

Pond Table or Table Pond

 Pond Table Pond Gaetano Pesce Pond Table: Detail

 Artistic design Pond Table Gaetano Pesce

River Table or Table River

 Artistic design River Table Gaetano Pesce

Table Puddle or Table Puddle

 ] Artistic design Puddle Table puddle Gaetano Pesce

Puddle Table: detail

 Puddle Table Gaetano Pesce tail

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