46 ideas for a designer and modern mirror for a beautiful interior

The mirror is a cult object of women since the dawn of time but what is interesting is to know that nowadays it is men who spend more and more time in front of the mirror

This is why a mirror design is a must for the modern and contemporary interior.

And no, deceive yourself – the great mirror decorated is not just for the narcissists. A beautiful wall mirror can be even an art object if it is well chosen according to the interior decoration. The decorative mirror reflects light and creates an optical illusion of a larger space. So if you’ve decided to refresh your interior design, start by choosing a beautiful decorative mirror. Look at the mirrors design that we have found to help you choose:

46 ideas for a designer and modern mirror for a beautiful interior

 mirror design round lounge chair trend

An unusual design mirror for an original interior

 Modern design mirror deco wall table glass

Mirror Shaped Square

 Mirror Design Square Trending Plant

If Leaving Mirror Li Was invented as an object intended to look at its reflection, so today it has also become an element of decoration at home. There is a wide choice of designer mirror of different shapes and styles.

Mirror of interesting shape

 mirror shape original trend

In addition to being an element of de co, the mirror accentuates your interior while giving it a particular style. It offers more luminosity and has the power to make the interior room into a more spacious room.

Mirror made of small round mirrors

 mirror design round trend floor lamp

] In addition, the mirror can dress up some objects and furniture by transforming them into a modern, stylish room.

Modern tree-shaped mirror

with a tree design

Looking for a design mirror for your bathroom? Indeed, this is the room where we are most likely to look at ourselves and take care of ourselves. Moreover it is an essential place to have a mirror. Usually this one is placed above the sink but you can also choose another place. The important thing is that it takes a place with more light.

A mirror design and original

 mirror design original

Choosing a small mirror or a large size? It’s up to you to choose according to your needs. In bathroom, you should know that you would have to clean it often because of moisture and steam. So having it on hand is important enough. Choose it according to the style of the bathroom – simple, modern or vintage. It can also be provided with light or a small wardrobe.

Mirror design for an original interior

Having a mirror in his bedroom is a true advantage. So you can take a look at your reflection by getting up in the morning or just after you get dressed. Some people love having mirrors all over their room. Be it above bed, next to, in front or on the dressing table. As in the bathroom, opt for a design mirror that will be in keeping with the general mood.

For a decent elegance – Elegant Silver Mirror

 Stylish Design Mirror

The large sunlit mirrors generally are highlighted in the living room. This is the room where we can afford more freedom and so the design mirror will become an essential element of deco.

Mirrors of unusual and original shape

 original mirror design unusual

There are mirror designs that are only made to decorate your interior space and to bring in light. Some are really not practical to look at yourself. So before buying you have to be careful of what you want to have as a result at the end.

Beautiful and practical cabinets with mirrors

 mirror cabinets living room

If your ultimate goal is to enlarge your room, then bet for a designer mirror of large room. Keep in the simplicity to have the impression to have an ice cream stretching to infinity.

Disco mirror in the shape of pink lips

 mirror frame pink lips

And if your goal is to add light ¨re at home, then you have to put your mirror in front of a window to have the desired result. In addition, mirrors can highlight your items if you place them nearby. Try and you’ll be surprised at the result!

Very interesting mirror made up of little hearts

 mirror hearts design

For a modern decor – mirrors “birds “

 animal design mirrors

Large mirror in a living room with luxury decoration

Original mirror “large”

 mirror design fan

Decorative mirror for the wall

 unusual design mirror

Interesting mirror shaped glasses

Decorative mirror with light frame

 original design wall mirror [19659055] mirror design original

 mirror design relief

 bathroom design mirror

 mirror unusual deco

 mirror design LED

 mirror modern original

 mirror modern bathroom

 mirror wall round

 mirror original black frame

 bathroom mirror

 mirrors wall living room

 mirrors original modern

 mirror original touch

 mirror tele modern

 mirror modern futuristic style

 mirror dressing table classic design

 mirror deco original shape e

 mirror deco door living room

 decorative mirror bedroom

 decorative mirror wall design

 decorative mirror modern living room

 mirror bathroom design

 mirror living room modern deco

 mirror living room rectangular shape

 dining room large wall mirror

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