3 ideas for children’s room furniture

Looking for inspiration for child room furniture ? In this article we have selected 3 teen room designs that could tempt you. If the first two are dominated by the rose and are therefore more suitable for a girl, the third is also appropriate for boys. The decoration of the three rooms combines comfort, aesthetics and practicality. Suitable for games, rest, and work, these beautiful and original designs will please any child or parent. Convince yourself for yourself!

 child room furniture pink work corner

Child Bedroom Furniture

 bedroom furniture girl pink shelters

Although quite small, this lovely room is designed to provide maximum comfort to the child. The storage elements as well as the arrangement of the furniture allows a free circulation in the room. The sliding mirror cabinet visually enlarges the mirror. We find it a perfect choice for small children’s rooms.

Child’s room practical and pretty

 furniture for children's room office chair

Furnishing for the room is multicolored

 furniture children's bedroom bed shelves

The bedroom decor is rich and joyful

 bedroom furniture girl wallpaper typo

Wardrobe with sliding mirror door: a practical and aesthetic solution

 wardrobe bedroom child mirror doors

Child bedroom furniture

 furniture bedroom girl bed white pink wallpaper

The pink chair is undoubtedly the focus of this workplace

 child bedroom pink chair white desk

Romantic style lamp hanger

 bedroom girl deco pink curtains soul ublement

 decoration child room girl objects

Child Bedroom furniture

 child bedroom furniture black white purple

 child bedroom furniture gray purple library

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