25 Design Living Room Ideas by NORD-ISERE Decoration

What we propose to see are our 25 ideas of living room furniture design by NORD-ISERE Decoration Creatures of living space. Because after cooking, the living room is where you spend the most time with your family. That’s why a living room must be comfortable and modern – so you have more fun coming home after a busy day.

We chose to introduce the living room furniture design NORD-ISERE Decoration. The furniture that the company offers are with an Italian design – so you have quality and aesthetics in one.

 living room furniture floor lamp

Modern and design living room furniture in white and gray

 design living room furniture

The family and the contemporary way of life have a central place at NORD-ISERE Decoration. The salons on the photos are of modern design but also arrange so that you feel good at home in your living room. The materials found here are mostly wood and leather while the colors depend entirely on your choice. We have chosen photos of salons in white, black, gray, bronze and a beautiful salon in purple. The surfaces are well-on trend of the moment-smooth and shiny and often lacquered.

If you have a lot of books and things to tidy this great library is for you

 furniture design living library

One more important thing that deserves your attention it’s the storage space in these living rooms. The shelves are closed so you can store everything in it without worrying that you can see it and the bookcases are big and wide enough for all of your books.

One thing is for sure when you look at these pictures – the design living room furniture from NORD-ISERE Decoration are a beautiful combination of comfort and modernity. Look …

Living room in white and bronze with a floor lamp design

 maubles of living room design bronze

Beautiful contrast between the white bookcase and the dark wall

 living room furniture design lamp

Purple is like fresh air for this living room in white

 living room furniture design wood

The combination dark-light is very successful here

 living room furniture white bronze

Black armchairs very interesting

 lounge design chairs

There is plenty of space for storage in these living rooms

 wood design living room furniture

Grand salon in white with built-in fireplace

 living room furniture design large library

Comfortable sofa in black leather

 living room sofa in leather design

 living room furniture in bronze

 living room furniture design wall library

 cappuccino design living room furniture

 design lacquer living room furniture

 design purple living room furniture

 design living room furniture

 design living room furniture statue

 design living room furniture table

 furniture living room furniture lamp

 coffee table living room design

 black wood table living room

 solid wood design table

 living room wood design table

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