22 ideas for design and contemporary lighting

Do you think of design luminaires when you decorate your interior? It should be known that fixtures are very important for modern interior design because they are capable of completely transforming the overall decoration of your home.

Lamps and light installations are often a part of we forget when we renew our house and yet they can reveal themselves to be the little more that we miss to have a contemporary interior.

One of the luminaries design of Aqua Creations – a luminous marvel.

Here are some very interacting design luminaires that can serve as inspiration for your lighting. You will see the luminous creation of Aqua Craetions in collaboration with Sphinx which is a marvel modern, the Undulus light system by Scott Jarvie inspired by the shape of the clouds, the very original Spiro lamp by Remedios Simon, the Uros light fixture by Grimanesa Amoros, the wave-shaped Ruray LED lamp by Shane Holland, the Crane floor lamp by Matt Downer and many others design fixtures that will certainly refresh your home decor and give it the touch of modernity it lacked.

22 ideas for design and contemporary lighting

 Design luminaires fairy tales

The original Crane floor lamp by Matt Downer

 design lighting - floor lamp

Design floor lamp Undulus

 floor lamp Undulus design

The modern lamp Undulus shaped cloud

 lumi modern design lamp Undulus lamp

Scott Jarvie modern lamp

 Undulus design lamp

Urus lighting inspired by the Ocean

 Uros design lighting

The Spiro luminaire very interesting

 Spiro design luminaire

Stylish lamp post in red

 Evita lamp design

Led lamp Ruray by Shane Holland

 Led lamp Ruray design

Very interesting lamp post in white

 modern floor lamp white
 ceiling wood lamp

 design lamp lamp

 design red lamp

 design table lamp
 design pendant lamp [19659028] design ceiling lamp

 modern modern lamps

 modern design lamps
 modern design floor lamps

 design Xuan lamp

 modern design floor lamp

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