Children's Room

20 decorative ideas for a functional and pretty child room

A functional child’s room is a suitable space for the work, rest and relaxation of your child. It must match his tastes and personality and meet his needs. If you want to create a piece of colors with a happy spirit, but you do not really know how to do it, do not hesitate to browse our 20 decorative ideas of functional child room and pretty.

 functional white child's room furniture

Functional and pretty children’s room

 cozy children's room white carpet green walls

The selected rooms are of different sizes and styles. Some are specially designed for girls (pink color scheme dominance, romantic design furnishings, etc.). Others are appropriate for both sexes. In general, the selected pieces are marked by a friendly atmosphere and a functionality that is not detrimental to aesthetics.

Romantic children’s room decoration

 functional children's room white furniture romantic design

Kids room in several colors

 original children's room deco toys

Wooden bed in small functional children’s room

 mezzanine bed settee window bedroom child

Decoration in dark blue and clear of child room

 blue wood child room decoration

Contemporary child room

 contemporary child bedroom wall blue green

Bedroom multicolored child with wooden floor

 child room colors ameu plainly parquet

Walls in soft color in child room

 childrens bedroom functional child yellow walls

 child bedroom wall glazed soft colors

 child bedroom wallpaper blue carpet

 bedroom girl functional storage furniture

 functional room child wooden bunk beds

 corner work functional child bedroom rest

 small functional child room pink wall

 decorative deco bedroom blue child beds

 deco idea child room small functional

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