18 very designer bathroom furniture ideas

Choosing his bathroom furniture is not an easy task. We are often constrained by the volumes and structuring of space. For those who can afford it, a custom bathroom solves the problem because the manufacturer will find the best solution for your own case.

You can also choose more noble materials such as solid wood and glass and even imagine extraordinary designs as at Laufen. In general, we get the essential furniture according to the chosen design and personal tastes. Before going to the store, we must think about the list of indispensable parts for the bathroom furniture : the under-basin furniture that installs under the sink, the bathroom cabinets that offer lots of storage space but rather bulky, storage columns, very practical for a small bathroom, mirrors whose size depends on the volume available.

From there, according to the budget and the preferences of each and every design and style are possible. We have chosen for you 18 ideas of bathroom furniture with furniture both aesthetic and practical. Look at our pictures and poke ideas.

18 very designer bathroom furniture ideas

 minimalist vanity cabinet

Practical and aesthetic bathroom furniture

 furniture bathroom storage

Design and functionality

 furniture bathroom black

The minimalist style very graphic

 bathroom furniture design

Bath room with rectangular furniture

 bathroom furniture original design

Small Design mirror

 mirror bathroom furniture

Glass and wood design storage column

 bathroom furniture practical

Bathroom furniture design collage

 furniture bathroom collage design

The ancient retro style

 mob antique bathroom bathroom antique

Kartell bathroom by Laufen

 Kartell by Laufen bathroom

 Kartell bathroom by Laufen orange

 bathroom furniture under wood basin

 hall bathroom colors

 bathroom green olive

 furniture bathroom columns

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