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16 original ideas for apartment development

The apartment development is not necessarily an easy task. Especially when it comes to a small space. Storage solutions are critically important in small-scale habitats. This is where you need to have original and creative ideas. We are helping with our 16 unusual proposals for small apartment development.

 development apartment space work salon

Original apartment planning idea

 small apartment planning on wood mezzanine

The suggestions in this article highlight ideas for furnishing and decoration of small apartment type studio or loft. These functional and aesthetic designs are inspired by habitats from around the world. Some of these are equipped with custom furniture: appropriate solution when you have to make a small apartment.

You will see recurring items such as the mezzanine bed and the suspended bedrooms because they are solutions that save a lot of space. We now propose you to browse our suggestions and design the small apartment of your dreams.

Furnishing small contemporary apartment

 furnishing apartment furnishings kitchen living room

Solution furnishing original mezzanine bed

 furnishing apartment idea creative loft bed

Bedroom furnished above the kitchen

 bedroom- -developed-on-kitchen

Functional idea for small apartment development

 Miniature arrangement loft wooden staircase

Prototype of small triangular roof house

 Small triangular roof house arrangement

Mini apartment functional and aesthetic design

 practical arrangement limited size apartment

Industrial design apartment with dark furniture

 design industrial design living room black furniture

Bedroom layout under staircase in small apartment

 functional bedroom layout small apartment

Bedroom in industrial design bed room

 industrial design apartment design room

 small apartment pendant room solution

 small wooden ladder arrangement practical ladder

 original design loft bed design small apartment

 loft-design-oriental-furnishing- functional

 small apartment wood design office

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