15 ideas for modern living room decoration – design and minimalist

Modern living room decoration can be described as minimalist , with well-defined lines, artistic and “smart.” The few pieces of furniture you’ll find in salons of this style are the result of the blend of high art and design, and there’s almost always a dashing center of the room and the furniture is modern and glossy colors, not very suitable for children.

decoration of modern living room slightly futuristic and minimalist in white and gray

 decoration of modern living room white furniture

The materials and the materials of manufacture are often mixed and contrasting which adds an interesting aspect to these modern salons which The salons below are all examples of original and modern places designed by virtual and creative artists. That’s what a modern living room should look like, look at our proposals.

Flashy colors and straight lines as well as smooth surfaces are fashionable in modern decorations

 Modern living room decoration orange canape

Furnishing modern living room and design in red and orange

 modern living room decoration red

White, still white and still white for the living room deco

 modern white living room

Contemporary living room in green with fireplace and modern coffee table

 modern living room furnishing

Minimalist living room with geometric shapes

 modern living room decoration red design

The green color is like fresh air for a modern living room

 salon green white design

Very interesting ceiling and original wall in this decor

 bright modern living room decoration

Large green plant in the middle of this modern room

 modern living room decoration ideas

 modern minimalist gray living room decoration

 contemporary living room decoration

 neutral modern living room decoration

 modern living room decoration design

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