15 examples of kitchen lighting practical and pretty

You have just equipped your new kitchen, it is beautiful and modern and you are very happy. Only you have not yet decided which lighting to install, where and how.

It is not said often enough, the to deco kitchen lighting can not be more important. Because in the kitchen we have several work corners that must have their own lighting: the worktop, the kitchen island if you have one, the cooking space, storage spaces. A bad choice of location of bulbs or lamps can spoil your cooking pleasure. But when you do well, good lighting turns your kitchen into a magic trick.

For example, the LED lighting system is becoming more and more important in kitchen lighting. Installed in the ceiling and below the cupboards in the direction of the worktops it makes a brightness can not more functional and quality. Of course, there is no harm in using traditional lighting, as long as it is well placed. Look at these photos we have chosen to help you and turn your attention to the location, design and quality of the kitchen lighting .

15 examples of kitchen lighting practical and pretty

 modern kitchen lighting on rails

Identify the workspaces for directing light towards them

 lighting kitchen led ceiling

lighting ceiling and lamps classic retro style

 modern kitchen lighting ceiling

lighting kitchen with design lamps and spotlights

 modern kitchen led ceiling lamps

Integrated LED system under cupboards

 kitchen system integrated led cabinets

Ultra-modern kitchen

 ultra-modern kitchen lighting

Discreet and elegant lighting

 lighting discreet elegant kitchen

Focus on white light



 vintage lighting kitchen

Modern small kitchen

 minimalist kitchen ceiling spotlights

Multi-color LED light

 lighting kitchen dining room

 kitchen lighting wood closets

 modern kitchen white lighting

 modern kitchen lighting central island

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