12 ideas for a comfortable and contemporary living room

Are you among the people who find the aesthetic and functional side to be incompatible?

Here we will try to prove that this statement is not very acceptable. The comfortable living room can be both pretty and endowed with a very contemporary look.

Making this space user-friendly and modern obviously requires efforts. But first and foremost, we must think of the use we make of it.

This is going to be crucial when you choose your furniture and their location in the room.

12 ideas for a comfortable and contemporary living room

 comfy white black comfortable living room

Contemporary Living Room Deco

 Comfortable Lounge Chair Red Leather Coffee Table

The Examples Selected In This Room article show that comfort is not only related to the architecture of an apartment or house. The feeling of friendliness and practicality can be inspired by decorations, furniture and accessories as well as lighting solutions.

So a nice, comfortable sofa can turn the big living room from coldness into a place to indulge in cocooning. Designer storage furniture (cupboards, bookcases, dressers, wardrobes …) is a way to make your living room more functional and to instil conviviality.

Comfortable living room in contemporary apartment

 comfortable living room furniture gray contemporary apartment

Cozy style living room in modern apartment

 comfort living room cozy white style

Comfortable living room furniture

 gray white furnishings living room comfort

Living room layout in loft apartment

 deco white red living room contemporary loft

living room functional and chic

 deco living room chic contemporary art

furniture green velvet living room contemporary

 furniture comfort living room white green orange

Bright colors decoration in contemporary living room

 Bright colors comfortable living room

Neutral colors industrial design living room

 modern living room pop art decoration

 ultra modern living room yellow wall sofa gray

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