10 tips storage under stairs clever and practical

10 tips storage under stairs clever and practical

Shelves, desk or cupboards, the available space under the stairs is optimizes to create a functional space. Practice to de-clutter other parts, l’arrangement d’a space dedicated to the storage d’affairs comes in all forms. Closed or open, storage under stairs s’adapt to the’infinite to all your desires ! Here are 10 tricks of storage savvy to inspire you !

A storage space under stairs, what a great idea !

10 tips storage under stairs clever and practical

set up a little corner office with a good tip storage under l’staircase to earn l’space in the house.

to Create a real small office area under stairs, c’is doable ! If you have d’a large enough space you can afford d’install a desk and a small chair in order to store files and use the’space with this great tip storage. A gain of a non-negligible place in the house which offers a real space of storage and a peaceful corner to work. Decorate in a style as here in a duo of black and white, the corner office under l’stairway becomes like a real little cosy room, open and deco. A nice tip, and practice non ? Source : shelterness.com

A double storage employment under stairs

10 tips storage under stairs clever and practical

A storage space under l’staircase smart as dual employment, with its door shelves and spacious interior.

A l’original you could only see shelves, convenient to store business with the knowledge of all. But this storage to more d’a ride in his bag. These shelves are a reality integrated in a door that conceals a large storage space inside. Under the stairs will be so well hidden all you want to keep it secret and store it at l’away from prying eyes. An optimization of the original l’space under a staircase painted in white to store at will ! Source : hometalk.com

The storage under l’staircase open their closets

10 tips storage under stairs clever and practical

built-in wardrobes, vertical several sizes under l’staircase to store efficiently home.

A plethora of closets vertical make up the bottom of the stairs. A multitude of solutions, convenient storage spaces and spacious to store a good number d’affairs. The large lockers are available for development in small closets, thanks to the pose d’a simple bar and a few hangers while the box rectangular bottom with bannettes become easily drawers. On measurement, this staircase original allows d’add a storage area, without losing the surface. Source : Pinterest

Storing on shelves, hanging from under stairs, clever !

10 tips storage under stairs clever and practical

suspended shelves as extensions of the market to use the’space wireless’way.

Use of suspended shelves under l’staircase, a good tip to don’t clutter up the’space. Installed such extensions of the market, they are hung by steel cables for for a deco light and air. Their height helps keep the surface storage to the soil that can be used in different ways. And a piece of furniture d’booster, a small closet design or a shoe cabinet can very well s’to insert in the underside of these shelves floating. A solution storage under stairs clever and simple ! Lapeyre

A library under a staircase

10 tips storage under stairs clever and practical

A large shelf library under the’staircase a great place to store the readings of the whole house.

A library furnished under l’staircase, c’is chic and practical. Small boxes allow for the storage d’a large number of books to clutter up the house with a huge bookcase. The area under l’staircase is completely used and thought for a storage optimal. An organization clever for clarity in the house ! Source : charlesandhudson.com

The storage s’organizes under a staircase dressing room

10 tips storage under stairs clever and practical

A storage / dressing room included in the’staircase, a gain-of-place d’hell in the room.

You n’have more room in your closets and you don’t know, or put your personal effects ? Storage dressing room under l’staircase is made for you ! Functional, it allows d’order clothes and other shoes without taking up space in the closet. Lockers open to allow you to store different cases of the same qu’a large chest of drawers comprising eight drawers. A storage dressing room original and spacious not to lose a single square meter ! Source : shelterness.com

A bike garage under the’stairs, storage perfect

10 tips storage under stairs clever and practical

bikes hanging under l’stairs to retrieve the surface in small spaces !

the Original solution for saving space in small apartments, these suspensions for a bike to occupy the’space under l’staircase without a nibble from the surface to the ground. Practice for athletes who n’not have a garage or for parents d’children are active on two wheels, this storage system under stair is a real good idea to store bulky items ! Source : inthralld.com

The shelves of cupboards for the kitchen, under stairs

10 tips storage under stairs clever and practical

shelving for the kitchen, under the’staircase, an original way of storing pots and pans, and other dishes.

The kitchen has its shelves of storage under l’stairs. Far from hiding the accessories, these shelves provide value while helping to save space in the drawers of the kitchen furniture. Storage shelves are great, functional, and offer the possibility of’have everything at hand while being in the’stairs. High d’at least for a walk, these shelves allow as many ranger cake pans that’a pair of salt /pepper shakers. A true storage kitchen space tidy as ever ! Source : dwell.com

A stairway to the stairs storage for shoes

10 tips storage under stairs clever and practical

storage of shoes under the stairs of l’staircase, a smart solution for storing shoes.

Of the markets d’staircase drawers replacing the shoe cabinet, c’is the foot ! Directly embedded in the l’stairs, these trays find their utility, turning into storage of shoes. Willing to the’entry of’a house it allows you to remove your shoes and put away his shoes in a flash. Simple and effective, this development says goodbye to the market in a hollow and useless ! Source : dose.com

Storage max under a staircase all-in-one

10 tips storage under stairs clever and practical

the Height of storage space under the stairs with these treads multifunction both drawers on the side, facial and small box for storage.

We found the must-have storage ! Under this staircase is no space n’is unused, c’is simply the’space has been invested with drawers, and other box of storage. Thanks to l’installation of rails to create space drawers or even the installation of hinges in order to invent small box of storage under l’angle of the walk, this stairway is transformed into a true storage cabinet XXL ! Source : Pinterest.

10 tips storage under stairs clever and practical

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