10 Solutions storage home practices and not expensive

10 Solutions storage home practices and not expensive

Tired of business lying around anywhere in the house ? Adopt new cabinets ! Practice and design solutions storage saving space is not lacking and now agree perfectly in the decor of the house. Shelf for displaying knick-knacks or library to store its readings, many pieces of furniture allow you to clear the cupboards and other drawers full to the brim. So let yourself be tempted by the insanity of the storage with these 10 solutions storage practices and not expensive !

The closet, the bazaar, the place to a home orderly ! The bedroom to the living room passing by the bathroom, the cabinets in all the rooms. Modern and trends, they fit perfectly into the decor while being functional. Finished the books and other shoes that are lying around, here are 10 solutions anti-clutter and not expensive to optimize your storage !

The library wall desk : clever

10 Solutions storage home practices and not expensive

A solution storage clever with this library wall desk combined with shelves ladders.

Astute the library office wall ! Furniture 2-in-1, this storage solution will allow you to combine practicality and aesthetics. Perfect for smaller spaces, it offers a space-saving non-negligible, and levels of storage and spacious on two tablets. Combined with other libraries simple scales it helps to create a real storage space in the room and enhance the decor with different colours. La Redoute – wall Library office, MDF finishing varnish nitro spray, DOMENO dim. : L83xH195XP33cm.

Bookshelf, scandinavian style, convenient storage spaces and discrete

10 Solutions storage home practices and not expensive

A set of shelves simple and clean solution storage discreet and convenient.

The storage minimalist word order of these shelves. With soft curves and a scandinavian-style assumed, this duo storage provides a true small corner of order in the room. The shelf suspended white birch stands out with its clean lines that provide a side air trend to the decor while blending perfectly with the furniture placed below it. On roulette, the latter is mobile and provides a large space for storage with its four niches. No excuse for not storing your books and trinkets ! La Redoute – Shelves suspended multilayered birch melamine JIMI Dim. : L60xH10xP16cm

lockers steel trends and are useful for storing

10 Solutions storage home practices and not expensive

These lockers in stainless steel are stacked to form storage original and fun

In the room of a child or a teen, in a closet or on the desktop, these storage containers can be adapted to all parts. In the manner of lego, they fit together at will to create a column of storage original and playful. Small and practical, these lockers galvanised metal are available in 7 colors. What give free rein to his creative imagination to store them with pleasure. La Redoute – Locker-stackable metal galvanized coated epoxy paint HIBA dim. L36xH30xP33cm.

The bedside : the solution storage space to the jump of the bed

10 Solutions storage home practices and not expensive

a bedside table design with storage included for one room, tending to be more orderly.

and A good book in bed. But where’s the ranger ? This bedside vintage answers the question. Featuring tapered legs in the trend of old school decor 50 years, it is especially fitted with a drawer and a niche very practical. So there is no need to clutter up the shelf of your bedside table with your books, you can store them directly without cluttering the space. The chest of drawers and suitcases under the bed is also emitted from the room by maintaining the appearance of decorative objects retro. The proof that the design does not prevent the functional ! La Redoute – Bedside MDF veneered oak finish lacquer nitro spray and feet in solid ash, JIMI dim. L40xH57xP30. Chest vintage 4 drawer JIMI 239,60 ? – Malle metal MASA 40,02?.*

The locker room in l’input, l’tip storage by excellence !

10 Solutions storage home practices and not expensive

This locker room of wood and high gloss white is the perfect storage for a hallway or a closet.

Hang his coat, put his bag and put his shoes in a single cabinet it is doable ! With this wardrobe in oak and MDF white lacquered trendy storage takes a nnew dimension. With 7 coat hooks integrated and a shoe cabinet in the bottom, this wardrobe multi-function is the unit of storage the most complete as it can be. In the entrance, in a dressing room or in a cupboard, this piece of furniture allows you to empty a few closets of the house while telling his personal effects. La Redoute – the changing mix of natural oak and MDF white lacquered finish – COMPO Dim. L90XH190xP33cm.

A piece of furniture of living room sleek full storage

10 Solutions storage home practices and not expensive

This furniture white and wood composed of many storage allows you to de-clutter the room efficiently while keeping a sleek style.

objects that are lying around everywhere, this is not very Feng-shui. This bookshelf library living room white and wood has been used to address this problem. Has the help of his boxes of storage space, it allows storage in an elegant way all the objects of daily life. Its two closed compartments with doors to hide some of the objects. Combined with other shelves library from the same range, it allows us to structure the storage on any wall. Clever and functional, its clean lines complement any interior. More reason to order his / her home ! Shelf library Amounts in solid oak, finish oiled. Cabinets, shelves and doors in lacquered MDF, varnished nitro spray COMPO dim. L80xH190xP33,6 cm Box dim. L70,4 x H34,6 x P31 cm.

The convenient storage has found the shoe that fits

10 Solutions storage home practices and not expensive

This piece of furniture to footwear, industrial style offers a design option and modern storage.

Battery in the trend of this furniture to shoes grey the appearance of neo-industrial has 4 large drawers and 2 small drawers latch for storing all the pairs of shoes. Ideal Solution to avoid that the mules are lying around under the bed, cabinet metal allows you to give a particular character to the room. A piece of furniture with storage space stylish for ranger, it is the foot ! La Redoute – Furniture shoe metal epoxy paint HIBA dim.L101xH106xP30cm.

The smooth row of a bookshelf desk

10 Solutions storage home practices and not expensive

these two suspended shelves to the shape of the original release two spaces : an office and a storage shelf is very modern.

shelves contemporary suspended, the practical asset of this solution storage. Directly fixed to the wall without touching the ground, the bottom shelf, wider, discovered a function of the small office. A gain-of-place assured and a corner storage very useful for small spaces. At the top, like floating in the air, a second shelf fixed on the wall complete the space. A real good idea to put order in all lightness. La Redoute – Shelf desktop in birch multiply covered in mélamin JIMI dim. L97xH27xP50cm Prof. 50 cm. Small shelf suspended L97xH27xP50cm Prof. 25cm.

The storage climbs the ladder in the bathroom !

10 Solutions storage home practices and not expensive

a small bamboo ladder laid on the ground, which allows for extra storage in the bathroom.

Storage of the original bathroom, the scale. Increasingly in vogue, it is a space of orderings not negligible without cluttering the room. Put on the floor, this shelf bamboo ladder takes up very little space and can therefore be installed anywhere in your bathroom. Composed of 3 white trays this small cabinet is ideal for displaying small decorative items or everyday life. The scale, an original solution for storing your beauty products ! La Redoute – Shelf scale for bathroom, bamboo and MDF finishing varnish nitro spray LINDUS dim. L55xH25xP102

Atmosphere of High School for storage

10 Solutions storage home practices and not expensive

These metal lockers offer a variety of solutions on storage space for the bedroom or for the living room !

The deco optical storage optimized crossed the Atlantic to bring in his luggage those metal enclosures, recalling the lockers of middle school students american. Spacious and original they allow a large capacity of storage. In format a, or 2 doors 4 levels available will be very useful to make this cabinet cloakroom, cabinet booster, and a solution storage space essential. Ideal for a bedroom for a teenager or to modernize an entry this locker metal will quickly make himself useful as decoration than storage. La Redoute – Wardrobe Cloakroom U.s. Metal 1 door, metal finishing epoxy. Metal handles with a dim. L43xH180xP50cm. Price : 181,90 euros – Cabinet Wardrobe American Metal 2-door HIBA

10 Solutions storage home practices and not expensive

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