Wallpaper : new features at an attractive price

The wallpaper has regained its letters of nobility to the decor of our interiors and the wealth of new collections unlocks our creativity to dress up the walls of the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen and the love section of the wall of the jar, which boosts its space. You have affinities with the wallpaper, colorful, stripes, trompe l’eye or classic, the wallpaper is a good coating to give character to your walls. Deco Cool you has selected a series of new wallpapers not dear.

wallpaper cheap, our ” coups de coeur

wallpaper, 3D
A wallpaper that mimics s’be mistaken for a 3D effect with its reasons, which give l’illusion d’be made hollow. A wallpaper set on a single wall of the living room to give it depth.

wallpaper trompe-l’oeil Koziel
Give the impression of snug comfort and sophitiqué to your living room or bedroom with this wallpaper, trompe l’eye look white leather-upholstered !

Comeback of the wallpaper stripes
The stripes c’is always chic on the walls. Without papering the entire room with stripes, the wallpaper on one of the walls associated with a wall painting in one of the colors of stripes gives pep to the room.

style Navajo wallpaper
The paper style Navajo, a print composed of patterns and geometric shapes which reproduces the paintings of the civilization native american gives tone to our walls with its color bright.

An air of victorian for this wallpaper, Graham & Brown
A bit of retro for the victorian motifs of this wallpaper, which posed as a in this room at the top d’an underlying d’an intense color such as this blue expresses his side chic.

wallpaper metal effect silver
A wallpaper that sets the tone with its square silver on a white background for a note precious in the living room for example. He loves accessories-deco gloss of all their fires that make her the same, to better the sublime.

wallpaper kitchen help
With this wallpaper, to pose as the le single in the kitchen finished the memory hole that you would miss a recipe. To make it even more pleasant and give him the place that’he deserves in the kitchen, lay the roll on a background painted in a dark color.

A wallpaper to bring up the mustard in a room !
A style of paper essential to awaken the colors of’one-piece sad. Here, too, there is no need to upholster the entire piece of small peas yellow background with black mustard. Upholster part of a wall is enough to energize the room . A cushion, a vase containing the yellow mustard, and this is a deco piece smooth !


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