Tips deco to revamp its stairs

A beautiful deco d’staircase, it gives the peach to our inside ! Tile adhesive, paint, stencil, masking tape, color scheme… L’stairs s’embellished with ideas that are easy and inexpensive. Use these tips original to give a kick of cool with the decor of your stairway.


Zone of inescapable passage of the house, stairs must be a pretty decoration ! Deco-Cool has dug up ideas fun and easy to do to revamp and customize the decor of your staircase in a jiffy ! Tips deco to the scope of all with the paint in all its forms, a touch of color toning or even with the awesome tile adhesive on the stairs. Here are a few ideas found on Pinterest for a staircase deco, there’s something for all tastes and styles.

L’stairs l’s’dress of tile adhesive

to Give the’look to your stairs with stairs decorated with tile adhesive to various reasons. To realize this deco d’stairs, nothing more simple. Buy tile adhesive in sufficient quantity that you cut the correct dimensions and paste to your walks. Here, pretty different motifs give the stairs a incomparable style. A staircase that was l’allure and add a touch to the’entry for cheap !

A deco d’stairs with chalkboard paint

Finished the deco d’stairs nerdy and sad ! You want to stairs modern and super trends that are not a great thing ? Paint the stairs with chalkboard paint ! A painting that invites you to l’expression of any small and of the greatest that you can customize days after days to the chalk white stairs funny ! Tip deco : the chalk is fixed to the’using’a hairspray that’a coup d’wet sponge will disappear.

decor staircase modern with a touch of yellow paint

this is stairs of light that make you want to climb to the’floor ! A decor dominated by white highlighted by counter-marches pastel blue for a welcoming atmosphere. As a clin d’eye is to the suspension, a riser painted in yellow breaks the regular rhythm of the blue band and invites you to climb towards it. A makeover d’stairway simple to make for a record full of freshness !

Decorate the steps d’staircase with a painting stencil

To customize your staircase, rely on the paint to the stencil ! The idea super easy to realize to give charm to your stairs without killing you at the spot. Paint the stairs d’a solid color for the background, let it dry and then use a pretty stencil for the reasons that you decide to paint d’another color. Stencil that you can make yourself with cardboard or buy in a diy store for cheap !

Enhance your staircase with masking tape

Here is another idea super original to decorate the stairs d’a staircase and put the color. All d’first, draw a frieze on all the stairs of your staircase. Then, fill in the’help of colored bands of masking tape ! An idea inexpensive that just requires a little patience for a result unique in your staircase. the Advantage : the day on which The’desire to change your decor takes you, or if you need to repaint the cage d’staircase, just take off the masking tape and make a pattern d’another color.


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