Room Decoration : 9 tricks for l’beautify to cheap

Make a deco room trend, with a mini budget with ideas that have style ! Bedside Table, headboard, wall decorations can be done with objects diverted, recycled materials, decorative accessories in a few hours to decorate your room for cheap !

To enjoy a beautiful decoration in her room, no need to spend thousand and cents ! By doing a little dose of diy easy, you make a decoration room adult in an afternoon-for a style that we really like. Follow our ideas for build a headboard nice, a bed, pallet, or bedside table that turns into a bookshelf with material scraps. And why not to give a second life to an old ladder to make a mini dressing room or garden furniture worn to accessorise the room ? Do the new with the old, and that is the secret of the greatest designers !

A bedside table to make a decorative room

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Make this DIY deco bedside table simple by making cubes with plates of 1 cm thickness wood or MDF that you repeindrez. Cut boards to the desired length and assemble them with corner brackets. Attach then to the wall of the chamber height to effect asymmetric. Use the top of one of the cubes to place your glass of water for the night : the shelf turns into the bedside to win a max of space in a small room !

A black and white décor for the bedroom

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Recycling is good for the planet and for your wallet, then set yourself a new challenge deco by performing a bed palette to the room : take four pallets recycling, tie it with the legs assembly. Sand it down, remove the nails, and paint all in white. Complete the decor with a dressing cheap by painting an old ladder to hang your blankets or clothes. Two good ideas to remember for your room !

decor playful for your bedroom

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For a deco that we fall back to childhood in a room under roof, install this swing ! Drill a plate with large holes to pass the strings knotted, and hang them from the ceiling or a beam. A lick of paint in a pastel on the wall of the head of the bed, and it completely changes the mood of the room to not expensive.

A decorative graphic in the bedroom

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For a decor in a white house, do not hesitate to play on a paint color ! Let yourself be inspired by this picture to draw a large band of yellow on the wall, and extend it to the floor and ceiling to create a deco very graphic without loading the room.

focus on the decor of wood for your bedroom

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We love the deco warmth of this room with its bed-head and bedside log of wood. Nature will dictate the final look of your creation in the function of the branches that he or she is willing to give you, but to make the headboard, assemble 4 to 5 white straight or a little crooked on the other two branches raised to the’horizontally. To the bedside, nothing more simple, you attach four legs under the log or directly on the ground if its height is sufficient.

An interior design idea bright for the bedroom

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lighting is also an important focus for the decoration of the house, bedroom included. Get a garland light black that sleeps in the garage and remove the bulbs that do not work. Do the run on the wall above a mosaic of frames, and secure with nails. Let hang your new garland light from one side, and for a l’incorporate in the bedroom for a few frames, a mirror, below will be the’case.

Decor mural room wallpaper home made

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To take the’idea of the wall decorations in this master bedroom, an oddity, choose newspapers, or pages of a book to achieve this decorative wall-paper to use on the wall of the head of the bed. Another idea, take foreign newspapers, written in a different alphabet exotic, for a touch of originality more in the room.

The decor of the room recycle furniture garden

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get out your old garden furniture and give it a good lick of paint to create a cozy corner and a topsheet treated to the tunes of holiday home,. Install table and chairs in front of the main window of the room and enjoy the view of the trees while drinking the first coffee of the morning.

A decorative cinder block original to the house

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To make this bedside a great decoration, get the blocks that you superposerez to the side of the bed. The holes allow you to store books, or pinching a lamp to illuminate the room. No need to fix, their weight makes them hold their own. However, to avoid accidents, we will not withhold this project deco to complement the room of the parents.

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