Removable divider to optimize the inner space

When the’apartment is small, the partition wall is the ideal solution to create an office, an entry, a room divider between the dining area and the lounge area, an individual space for children who share the same room, especially when the’one is tenant since building a wall of separation is impossible ! The partition wall s’installs without masonry to create in minutes a new space in l’apartment.

The removable divider to create an extra room

removable divider, the quick way and cheap way to create an extra space in the house. Depending on your needs, the partition wall will be used for example for decoration living room more intimate by separating it from the dining area of l’entrance which leads directly in the room, or to create two separate areas, both from d’a volume in the context of’a development of studio, shared room or d’an open kitchen…

What is the removable divider to choose ?

You can find two types of movable partitions, which are distinguished by their type of fixing .
The removable divider with fastener on cylinder : C’is a setting called fixed. the septum arises with jacks that attach by screwing to the ceiling and on the floor. big advantage, no hole n’is necessary to its installation, which makes the partition wall suitable when l’one is tenant or that the’one does not wish to engage in heavy work and get a quick result.
The bulkhead mounted on the slide rail. A rail, supplied in the kit, is installed by piercing the ceiling of the room and allows the bulkhead to be moved on the same principle as sliding doors d’a dressing room.

Board deco . Prior to the installation d’a wall with mounting screw jacks, verify the solidity of the ceiling, which will be submitted to the pressure.

Photo : Castorama
partition removable fixing by screw jacks to separate l’place to sleep and games in a room d’child. Wooden partition pierced good practice to let light in. The bulkhead comes to paint which allows you to customize the colors of the room. Dimensions : 100 x h. 240-250 cm. Thickness 52 mm. Bulkhead Karalis.

Photo Castorama
removable divider to separate the small, open kitchen on the living room in a small apartment and bring l’privacy, when l’one is quietly set in the sofa. Without closing the’space, as would a wall, the bulkhead provides d’organize separate spaces without compromising on the brightness of the room. Wall of pine radiata, dimensions : l. 1m x h. 2.40 2.5 mr Thickness 35 mm.

A wall of sliding wood to separate l’area of the small kitchen from the dining room in a small apartment. Here, too, the kitchen benefits from the light coming from the window of the dining area, thanks to l’option partition made of wood openwork. The wood can be painted or left in natural finish. The bulkhead is supplied assembled. Dimensions : l. 100 x h. 2,40 2.5 m. cm.

Photo : Leroy Merlin
Design d’a studio style workshop d’artist with a Wall-breaker views allows you to create a space entrance/hallway giving the room a real space. The bottom of the baffle is MDF Workshop covered d’a décor paper black. The glazed glass synthetic finish frosted reproduces the style of door d’workshop. Dimensions : larg. 80cm x top. of 2.42 to 2.78 mr Two fixations possible, by the cylinders and the slide rail.

When a baby is sharing the room of parents, the removable divider is a good solution to give everyone its privacy. This wall is available in White, Brown, Taupe, Grey pebble and s’installs also with l’one of the two fasteners, hydraulic cylinders or the slide rail.

another concept to separate two volumes, the partition module plant stackable that allows a free composition. Can be stacked up’to 3 blocks, leave some empty to play with the light. Each block in a volume of 30 litres. Material : PVC. Dimensions : L. 60,8 x P. 25,8 x H. 57.2 cm. Colour White. Block module Plant Kubb

in order To isolate and optimize the decoration d’a corner office without reducing the’space, when’it is set up in the living room , playing on the transparency of the partition wall c’is a good solution, And why not, as here, pose a rail of LEDS on the wall to illuminate the acrylic. Dimensions of the wall : a 90-X278 cm, Ref. : Removable divider Switch Spacéo.

Practice a removable panel to separate the part of the open kitchen that l’on n’not like to see from the living room. The same model of bulkhead as above but with white panels that can be painted or, as here, decorated with posters.

Photo Ikea
A septum clever dual functions. Removable with casters, this low bookcase for multiple storage lockers and also serves as a separation between l’living area and dining area. A solution that saves space practical and aesthetically pleasing. Shelf low on casters Expedit 149 x 39 x 83 cm, 88,70 ? at Ikea.

Photo Castorama
A septum that s’adapt to all the needs for separating a room. S’enrolling in the trend with his style canopy interior, it is delivered assembled in its version removable divider and can be transformed into a pivoting or bulkhead sliding by installing the fitting system adapted sold separately. Mounted on a chassis pine radiata, it turns out to be light thanks to the glass plastic giving it its style workshop. Dimensions : L 80cmx adjustable height from 240 to 250cm. Removable divider 3-in-1 Axioma

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