Planning an office in a small space

There is always a small space in the house where to organize a desktop ! Under the’stairs, in a cupboard, on the landing, here are some ideas for d’furnishing decor to make your home office a charming place.


Find the place in the house for s’install a desk in a quiet c’is always possible ! Here are a few ideas that are sharp on Pinterest that will inspire you to a development office in a small vacant spaces of the house. You must choose between a corner of the office design, a layout under the’stairs, a bureau in the closet or still installed in front of a window in the living room… ideas well-found for a desktop hyper deco where to work in the calm and good mood.

L’aménagement d’a corner office on the landing

If you don’not have a room dedicated to install your office, no panic. You can create a desk area, very quaint on the landing ! Here, a wide board white laminate is fixed on the wall and office. For storage, shelving expose books and records, all painted in white to blend wisely in this small, bright space. For the deco, grids white scraps were attached to the sides of the shelves, photo frames hung on the wall and a green plant gives the touch of color.

A nice office located in a small room

Why not create an office space super friendly in a corner of the room ? Create a desktop thanks to boards of fir-trees cut and sawhorses ! In this beautiful room where white dominates, wooden shelves are a clin d’eye in the office, touches of pastel colors dot the small space, as well as a few green plants filed by here and there. A decor is easy to achieve yourself with three times nothing.

The office finds its place in the’stairs

in order not To lose one square meter in the house, set up an office under your stairs ! A wooden plank has been set for the desk and shelves accommodate books and trinkets. A tip d’practical for an office which takes place under l’stairs, maximizes the storage space and that gives honestly want to get to work thanks to its decoration and its effect on cocoon !

A design bureau housed in a small nook

this is an office practice and design ! The black planks have been well placed in this corner of l’apartment to create an office space design black and white very modern and on trend highlighted by a lamp with the chrome ! A deco is minimalist and very elegant to d’build a real working space without doing major work.

The office decor in a small space in front of the window

in order To enjoy d’a nice view while you work, there is nothing better than d’organize your desktop in a window. Here, the plank that serves as the office has been cut curved to follow the contour of the window. A deco white very classy and discreet to blend in with the decor of the house, simple to make and very elegant !

L’aménagement d’office stylish in the closet

L’aménagement d’an office in a closet, c’is simply an extra room in the house ! First job remove the doors from the closet and gongs to make it an alcove. Before moving on to the’design, start by painting the’inside of the closet with the chalkboard paint. To reproduce this office to l’identical, you have sawhorses and a plank to the office. For the shelves, c’is to retrieve : planks of rough wood fixed to the wall with tension straps .

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