Paint : Grey, pink, blue new colours Zoffany

Paint Zoffany reveals its new colours. 16-color paint, which complement the swatches of the 144 shades. Powdery pink, light grey, grey, urban, blue, modern, intense red, these paintings are betting all on a colour atmosphere serene, fresh and timeless for the decoration of the house. Deco-Cool you to discover the new paint colors, Zoffany to your interior.

Paint gray, pink, and blue, the sweetness according to Zoffany

With 16 new colors, brand of paint English Zoffany s’inscribed in the trend deco of the current shades sophisticated. The sweetness does s’is not, therefore, through pastel shades to fashion, but rather with paint colors powdery to the’spirit, refined and sober. Very restful and elegant, the colours Zoffany also have the ability to s’grant easily to a wide pallet of shades. What to multiply the styles deco to do this with a gray paint in the bathroom, gray blue paint living room modern, a shade of tender green in a dining room in scandinavian style, or even a room cocooning hyper cosy with a nice grey or blue.

By the way, if this new range of colour paint put on smooth, it n’not forget d’character. They allow themselves to be easily seduced and enchanted by the tone processing such as the green “Green Stone” so british, very elegant and enveloping “Prussian Blue” or “red Shaker” intense. All of these colors give the’authenticity and warmth to the decor while remaining discreet and chic. Perfect for small spaces, the dark colours of this new range are also very suitable for reinforcing an effect cosy in a small living room or to enhance the deco d’a hallway. Resolutely chic, the paintings Zoffany offer a spirit friendly to make our interiors more pleasant. Discover a preview of the last 16 colors paint Zoffany.

A blue paint elegant in the cosy lounge

Ambiance cocooning in the lounge, colour Prussian Blue, paint Zoffany.


A small living room, gray paint chic

The grey to dress up the walls of a small living room, color painting Empire Grey, Zoffany.

A pretty powdery pink painting living room

gentle Atmosphere for decoration of living room in pink powder-coat, color paint Tuscan Pink, Zoffany.

Shade between gray and green to paint a dining room

Grey-tinged green, a color clear and bright for the living room, colour Green Stone, paint, Zoffany.

paint the room light gray

A gray room modern and refined where it is good to have a rest, color paint Silver, Zoffany.

A blue room paint trend

a room with A blue, contemporary, color Pewter, paint Zoffany.

gray Painting in the open kitchen

gray contemporary in the kitchen, color Victorian Purple, paint Zoffany.

A red paint modern

A red drawing on the bordeaux paint, color Red Shaker, Zoffany.

the gray paint in the bathroom

A grey calin and zen in the salthe bathroom, paint color City Grey Zoffany.

paint deep blue in deco living room

A blue design in painting for a living room cozy, color Ink Paint, new shade, Zoffany.

bathroom retro with a grey paint

Chic light grey in the bathroom with a bathtub repainted in orange, the colour City Grey, paint Zoffany.

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