Dressing cheap for a storage deco of the room

A walk-in closet in the bedroom, a must for comfort ! Dressing room bespoke, small closet, closet expandable, l’aménagement d’a dressing room cheap s’command prompt in the deco room for our greatest happiness. Deco cool was selected to the dressing room for storage of clothes and shoes ultra practical and saving space in your room.


Create a dressing room in his room to modulate its storage space, that’s a good idea ! A space that is practical and inexpensive dedicated entirely to the storage of clothes, dressing room comes in all forms. Large dressing room, dressing custom, dressing room opened, closets, wardrobe, shelves and drawers… The facilities of storage in a room are many, they s’incorporate in the bedroom and s’adapt to all styles deco to d’ organize and optimize the’space. In addition, not even need to have a master suite to install a walk-in wardrobe is functional and aesthetic ! A solution storage that is optimized and not expensive which will certainly seduce all the shopaholics and l’organisation.

A walk-in wardrobe feature wall to separate the bedroom

© Dressing Leroy Merlin

To optimize the square meters of the room, the dressing room must s’integrating perfectly into l’space. The solution of the dressing room which is also used for separator room is ideal to earn a maximum of space in your room and gain privacy. Closets, drawers, and bar closet, a multitude of storage space for a dressing area, super convenient and not expensive, which optimizes the’space from floor to ceiling.

When the dressing room is the office of the head of the bed

© walk-in Closet Ikea

tip storage to save space and increase storage capacity in the room. Set up a nice wardrobe closet as the head of the bed ! A storage space that is easily accessible , super convenient and cute !

A large dressing room d’angle for a storage-optimal

storage optimal for your clothes, nothing more wise than to install a large walk-in wardrobe in the bedroom. This dressing La Redoute is trendy, stylish and very practical !

© walk-in Closet La Redoute

A beautiful walk-in closet 4-doors of The Redoubt in pin available in black color, wenge and white cream. A dressing room that will allow you to store all your clothes easily and will slip discreetly into the decor of your room with its sober and elegant design.

A walk-in closet closed by a curtain

© Dressing-room Of the house.

A dressing room with adjustable shelves to ensure maximum storage while taking up a minimum of space in the room ! A solution storage to be modulated according to its needs ultra-handy and elegant with a beautiful curtain grey anthracite that comes to conceal the clothing.

The dressing room is expandable to s’adapt to the chamber

© Dressing room opened Leroy Merlin
set up a dressing room, oak-shaded stretch of 93 to 197 cm, ideal for modulating your storage space in the master bedroom. A dressing-room cutting-edge design that accumulated the possibility d’arrangement between drawers, shelves in two side columns and bars closet for a deco room is understated, elegant for a mini price !

A walk-in closet for storage optimized


set up a small storage space in your bedroom with this lovely dressing. A mix of open and closed storage at the industrial look for storing your belongings in boxes, drawers and cupboards to different dimensions.

A walk-in closet Ikea custom customizable at will

© Dressing room custom Ikea

Create a large dressing room for all the family thanks to PAX ! Create your wardrobe and customize it by choosing the height, the width, the colors, the style, sliding doors or hinged… Select the interior designs for storing clothes at your leisure. A ideal concept to make a dressing that is tailored to your needs !

Dressing all-in-one with curtains and a mirror

© Dressing Castorama

Practical and not expensive, this dressing all-in-one with curtains and mirror built-in, you can store the’all of your clothes, thanks to its ample storage space. A composition with a dressing room that s’adapt to both a small room that’with a great wide stretch of 165 to 220 x P. 50 x H. 220, 179?

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