Create the best vacuum under l’staircase to create storage spaces

Duplex, old mansions, country houses, many homes have stairs. While some see this space as a wasted space, it is possible d’organize the below l’stairs for storage.

land use trend with space bar

Create a corner bar under l’stairs.
Idea of the realization Leroy Merlin.

You have always dreamed of’have a bar to receive your friends at l’aperitif ? However, the layout of your room prevents you from doing so. And if you make the’space under l’staircase in the corner, nice bar ?

  • wall shelves for glasses : use the upper part of the wall to attach the shelves. In effect, they will help you d’store your glasses and other accessories to cocktail, for example.
  • A plan of work with storage : on the lower part create a work plan. Thus, you can prepare your appetizers and small toasts. In addition, plan shelves and cupboards for storing your bottles, snacks, and books of recipes.
  • A space for wine racks or a wine cellar : use l’variable space under the stairs to create wine racks. In addition, you can also drag a mini wine cellar. C’is both decorative and highly practical.

Landscape relaxing with a library corner

Library under the stairs.

You love to read, but the books s’pile up and you don’t know where to store them. If this is the case, make the d’a space under the stairs to create a great library. Several styles s’offer to you :

  • shelves are simple made with shelves raised on brackets or cleats of wood
  • The custom-made furniture for s’adapt to the shape of your staircase
  • Some of the modules all ready to slide under your staircase : some stores, such as Castorama, among others, sell furniture barrier staircase. Because of this, these s’adapt perfectly to your below d’stairs.

for productive Development with a corner office

Planning d’a desk under a staircase.

All units do not lend themselves to provide an extra room when l’you need to book a desk. Working at home sometimes takes some planning. Thus, a below d’stairs well-constructed can be transformed into a working space very convenient.

  • Install shelves on the wall with brackets : thanks to some shelves tailor-made or found ready-made, for example, at Castorama or Leroy merlin, do your systems storage space. Vary the heights for storing according to your needs workbooks or pockets of folders
  • Purchase a work plan : the work plans of kitchen or bathroom offer a lower-cost desk very functional. If you need storage additional, opt for modules on castors.
  • Attach the spots to have a point of light : recessed, l’area under the l’stairs n’is not bright enough to work. With a few spotlights set under the stairs you will be able d’a hand, bring you the light to work and d’other hand, to illuminate your stairs to put it in value.

Planning fun with a multimedia space

landscape below d’staircase to a multi-media corner.

both aesthetic and functional, the’space under l’staircase can be transformed into a superb media space.

  • Install a tv stand : thanks to the various models of furniture tv, you can choose one that will meet your multimedia needs.
  • Choose items low buffet : thanks to the elements of the low buffet, you can easily make a piece of furniture according to your wishes and according to your available space under your staircase.

practical with simple storage

Landscape managed under a staircase with storage cupboards.

In a house, the possibilities for storage are never enough. If you are a handiman, you can create closets, pull-outs in this space. Hinges sliding wooden panels as closet doors. A space-saving very important for storing everything that can take a lot of room such as towels, sheets etc

If you don’t do it yourself, do-do-to-measure in educating yourself in cookware stores or installers of bathroom furniture. Otherwise, you can also use simple furniture to shelves on which you could add casters to make it roll.

decorative Layout with shelves

Shelves suspended beneath the stairs.

L’space under a staircase is sometimes a space that’we lose because of a lack of’have ideas d’development. If you n’are not the handyman of the century or if you don’t know how to set the bottom of your staircase, make it just a corner deco.

  • shelves are simple : fill the below d’a staircase can s’be very simple with only a few shelves. Of different sizes or models, ask a few shelves on the wall with brackets. You will put vases, books or just a few trinkets. For a deco larger size, you can also put them in a crisscross pattern. L’effect n’will be all the more beautiful. By the way, if you want to put trinkets in value, consider adding some small spots or light bars.
  • Install shelves along the entire length : if the’desired effect is simply to make storage shelves to put length, made the whole length. In effect, to create additional storage, it is better to use the total length of the’shelf under l’stairs.

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