Clever ideas for a games room tidy

The gaming room is much more enjoyable when it was tidy ! To give a blow of inch to small, here are games rooms with storage space clever to inspire you and provide a dream space for your children !

a privileged Space for the children to s’amuse and s’blossom tranquility in a place anything that’to them, the games room is a must d’be at the height of their expectations. Full of colors, well-decorated and equipped with convenient storage spaces and funny to encourage them to be ordained and to leave nothing, nothing n’is left to chance in this piece playful reserved for little girls ! Practical drawers, cupboards malin, drawers, baskets… Here is what you inspire to create a game room worthy of the name in order to inspire your little monsters to that’s’fun in a part that corresponds to them, and that’they do not balk when c’is the’time of the whole store !

storage multiplied in a games room colorful

children will love this playroom full of colors ! In addition, d’be welcoming, it is functional and offers a multitude of storage space ! Furniture at mid-height, shelves, crates storage practices… The storage space abound, this is a games room nice, where l’order reigns ! The little extra : The little curtains were installed to hide the’inside of the cupboards and give a more orderly and decorative, clever !

A clever idea to put away the toys in the games room

Here’s an idea easy to do in the games room for storing lego small for example ! For this, you just have to suspend small freezer bags are transparent and resealable with a hanger, and l’case is in the bag ! Gone are the small logos that are lying around the ground and that hurt the feet when you walk on it !

The games room, set on a large storage cabinet

set along the wall, this cabinet at half-height does not spoil the decor of the room and offers compartments to practices where the toys will find their natural place when the kids have finished playing ! A practical and aesthetic for a room of games where it is fun to play, and put away at the end of the day.

storage baskets for a play area tidy

Use plastic boxes colored to create compartments and practical decor in the playroom, this is a good idea ! Attached to the wall, the caisses will be able to accommodate all the toys and avoid the mess in the room. An original idea to reproduce easily for the greatest happiness of the children.

drawers diverted to store the books in the games room

drawers are diverted from a library and investing the wall in order to hide nicely the books in the games room ! For this, we cut the trays to the saw in order to keep a few inches of the front part of the drawer and fixed to the wall so as to create compartments deco ! Children n’have no reason to leave the books trainer !

Niche of storage and bench practice in the games room

The niche of storage where the shelves have been arranged so that the compartments under the seat in which baskets were placed are spaces of storage practices in the games room, modern and friendly as any ! A development ideal for that children feel well and enjoy 100% of their space !


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